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More Converging Signs:

This is another one of those days in which there are so many prophecy related headlines, it is nearly impossible to include every story. In a single day. Just a few brief years ago, six months could pass before having this many pertinent stories, yet here we are, in April 2014 and there comes a point in the daily search that you just have to stop searching as the sheer volume of stories is overwhelming. 

In no particular order:

The truth of the matter is that a Neo-Nazi government had been installed in Ukraine, as reported in March 2014. As reported by Global Research, "The forbidden truth is that the West has engineered –through a carefully staged covert operation– the formation of a proxy regime integrated by Neo-Nazis. Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington: “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

In February, Russia said the Ukraine protesters were "Neo-Nazis." From all appearances today, the pro-Russian forces are in the thick of it, with both sides sprouting propaganda. Fascism works both ways, and believing one side over the other is impossible. Regardless, this is a coordinated crackdown on Donetsk Ukraine Jews. Nothing else matters at this point.

The flyers — signed by Denis Pushilin, who identifies himself as chairman of the industrial city’s temporary government — warned that those who refuse the order will “have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” according to the website.

The missive claims that the group was targeted because of Jewish support for a Ukrainian independence movement at the end of World War II.

Pushilin later confirmed that the leaflets were distributed under his group’s name, but denied any connection to them.

The material is very anti-Semitic and reminds me of the kind of material distributed by the Nazis in World War II,” Alex Tenzer, a Kiev native who serves as a director for the National Association of Immigrants in Israel, told the website.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said it was “grotesque and beyond unacceptable” that Jews were ordered to identify themselves.
It was still not immediately clear who distributed the chilling flyers.

The Ukraine is in crisis, and in this situation, both Ukrainian forces and Russia blameeach other for blatant Anti-Semitism. The war of the words began in March. As reported in February 2014, by, "The most worrisome and largely overseen factor of the ongoing Ukrainian tragedy, to me, is the mighty Neo-Nazi presence among the opposition hard-core militants from ultra-right nationalistic parties and movements. The threat posed by those forces should be not under-estimated, especially in the context of rapidly rising ultra-national forces all over Europe, the current, new, ugly ‘fashion.’

Ukraine's WWII legacy is one of close Nazi collaboration, one that many in the region would like to bury. But it will not go away. Today it's rearing its ugly, totalitarian head.
The "darker times" are here. As Islamists and the rest of the world close in on the Jewish state, the end result will look like a mirror image of the Holocaust, but there is light in the darkness.

The United States on Thursday condemned as “grotesque” the distribution of leaflets demanding that Jews in eastern Ukraine register with a self-proclaimed local authority or face consequences. US officials also denounced other instances of religious intolerance that are inflaming tensions in the crisis in Ukraine and said no such behavior could be tolerated.

Also Thursday, the Simon Wiesenthal Center released a statement saying that Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador in Kiev, told Mark Weitzman, SWC’s director of government affairs, that  the fliers were “clearly part of a general effort to sow fear among Ukrainian Jews.”

The hate-filled attitude of anti-Semitism simply vanished after World War II ended, Hitler died and it was all revealed for the debased concept it was, right?


From majority expectations that a second Holocaust will take aim at Jews to rampant bias against Jews in public school texts to those episodes of violence, the campaign doesn’t seem to be slowing.
Abroad, the latest incident was reported on Thursday. Ynet News said there was an instruction being distributed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk – telling Jews they have to “register.”
The stunning report explained Jews leaving a synagogue had said they were handed leaflets “that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee in order to continue to have citizenship.”
The report claimed authorities were demanding “ID and passport” for registration of “your Jewish religion, religious documents of family members, as well as documents establishing the rights to all real estate property that belongs to you, including vehicles.”
And in the U.S., it appears the murder of three people near Kansas City and the rant that followed by the alleged attacker is just the latest in a surge of anti-Semitism.

As part of an assessment of anti-Semitism only a few months earlier, WND found that Louis Farrakhan was accusing Jews of controlling the media, banks, business, industry and more.

But he was hardly the only one accused of harboring anti-Semitic views and promoting hate. Among the myriad anti-Semitic hate groups are neo-Nazi factions, black supremacists, white supremacists, certain “anti-Zionist” groups and more.

The Anti-Defamation League said the number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded in the United States in 2012 was 927, including, among the most extreme incidents, Molotov cocktails thrown into a New Jersey rabbi’s home, forcing him and his family to flee.
And the FBI reveals that Jews are by far the most likely group to be targeted for hate crimes. In 2011, the federal government documented 820 anti-Jewish hate crimes. By comparison, there were 175 anti-Islamic hate crimes.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, the chief of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, recently wrote about having to fight anti-Semitism in her own backyard in Tennessee.

She explained that a concerned Williamson County parent contacted PJTN over a geography textbook called “The Cultural Landscape,” to which her son was being exposed by school officials.
Among the “questions” in the book was, “If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills several dozen Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem restaurant, is that an act of terrorism or wartime retaliation against Israeli government policies and army actions?”

Wrote Cardoza-Moore, “During the same class, an anti-Israel handout and a guest speaker influenced her son to question his faith and the accuracy of the Bible concerning Israel and her rights to her ancient homeland. This led to the concerned parent contacting me. It was also discovered that another student had remarked, that had he not taken the class, he ‘wouldn’t have known about the dangerous Zionist agenda.’”

“Not only was the textbook anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, but it was replete with anti-Christian, anti-Western and pro-Marxist propaganda as well,” she reported.

WND’s review of anti-Semitism issues found around the globe, the problem appears to be escalating, with a 30 percent increase over the last year, according to the European Jewish Congress and Tel Aviv University.
The report noted that in some parts of the world, where Islam is dominant, such as in Pakistan, “there are essentially no Jewish citizens.”
The reports also addressed anti-Semitism across Europe, and found that in America, the problems are significant.
WND even reported that the media reports over anti-Semitism have reduced the issue to “Jewish claims.”

No one, including the Ukrainians, seems to know exactly what is happening in Ukraine. You can’t tell one side from the other, even if you have a scorecard. All we really know is that people with guns and armored vehicles are menacing each other, but not really fighting. This sort of thing might be comical in other circumstances. Unfortunately, Ukraine has become a pawn in an East-West geopolitical standoff. Thousands of innocent people are potentially in the crossfire — and others around the world could pay the economic price.

Vladimir Putin looks like one of the winners. He’s already pulled Crimea back into Russia’s arms with barely a shot. Ethnically Russian areas in Eastern Ukraine are next on his list.
The experts I’ve read still think an outright Russian invasion is unlikely. They believe Putin can get what he wants through pressure and intimidation. His real goal is to bully the new Kiev government into giving some kind of autonomy to the regions bordering Russia.
They also doubt Putin will carry out threats to cut off Ukraine’s natural gas supplies. He needs the cash flow and can’t easily sell the gas to anyone else.

NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen is talking tough. Here is what he said today, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Rasmussen said the decision on Wednesday meant that aircraft will fly more sorties over the Baltic region and that allied ships will deploy to the Baltic Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and elsewhere, as required.
In addition, military personnel will deploy “to enhance our preparedness, training and exercises,” he said. “We will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water, and more readiness on the land,” he said.
The Baltic region Mr. Rasmussen mentions does not include Ukraine. NATO is very intent on defending its own members — but Ukraine isn’t one of them.
I still stand by what I said Monday: the U.S. and Western Europe will stay out of Ukraine. As sad as it may be for Ukrainians, it is probably good news for financial markets. It’s also good news for the contractors who supply the planes and ships Mr. Rasmussen says he will deploy.
What do you think will happen to Ukraine? Will Putin gain full control of the border area? Will NATO get involved? Who are those masked men?

According to a report in March by the Israeli daily Haaretz, Israel continues to prepare for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Quoting anonymous members of the Knesset who were present during hearings on the military budget, officials in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) have allegedly received instructions to continue preparing for a strike and a special budget has been allocating for that purpose. However, conducting a military operation against Iran’s key nuclear facilities would be a challenging task for the Israeli military. The distance from Israel to the Iranian nuclear sites is such that any strike using the air force would be challenging on its fuel capacity. Allocating tanker planes to the mission could alleviate part of this concern. Nonetheless, Israeli jets can’t spend too much time in Iranian airspace before the mission itself is in jeopardy. Engaging Iran’s air force in dogfights must be avoided. Therefore, surprise will be a necessary element in a successful Israeli mission.

The element of surprise is also related to the choice of flight route to targets in Iran. Early detection by neighboring states situated along the Israeli route is not necessarily an operational threat as long as the Israeli planes are not targeted by Arab antiaircraft systems and early warning is not passed on to the Iranian government. Given Israel’s dependence on achieving the element of surprise with regards to the operation’s timing, coordinating the operation with an external actor might be problematic and would involve considerable risk. Over the years, several such alleged partnerships have been suggested. In April 2012, a rumor emerged that Israel had been granted access to Azeri bases. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been named for this purpose as well. In June 2010 news reports surfaced in Western media saying that the Saudi military had conducted a test of its antiaircraft systems and radars to ensure that it did not attack Israeli jets en route to targets in Iran. And again, in November 2013, The Sunday Timesreported that Riyadh had given its consent to Israel’s use of its airspace. However, coordinating a leak-sensitive operation with another state involves huge risks. Israel recently learned the price of regional cooperation with regards to sensitive operations. According to a October 2013 report by The Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, Turkey-Israel intelligence relations experienced a severe setback after Turkish espionage chief Hakan Fidan provided Iran with a list of Iranians who had met Mossad case officers in Turkey. There is thus an inherent dilemma between coordinating with an external actor—thereby easing the operational obstacles represented by the length of the route, the number of planes necessary for destroying the targets, and the requirements for conducting rescue operations—and minimizing the risk of leaks.

In order to avoid early detection, Israel would need to reduce the external signals of the strike force. This can be done is several ways. One way is to jam or blind radars located along the route to the nuclear sites. Another option is to avoid the radars’ detection range. On June 7, 1981, Israeli jets on their way to the Iraqi reactor were flying low above the desert to avoid detection by radars. Similar low-profile flight paths could be chosen to Iranian nuclear sites. A third option is to use decoys to lure Iran into focusing its attention on the wrong targets. This was Israel’s deception strategy in the 1982 Bekaa Valley attack on Syrian anti-aircraft batteries. A fleet of Israeli UAVs was detected by Syrian radar. Subsequently, the anti-aircraft positions were exposed as the decoys were targeted. One can also try to pretend that the planes belong to the adversary. This might be the reason for Iran’s recent decision to copy Israel’s Heron design for its Fotros UAV. Iranian-made UAVs operated by Hezbollah have penetrated Israeli air space several times in the past: twice during the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and once in October 2012. Should a Fotros UAV penetrate Israeli airspace, it might take some time for Israel to identify it as hostile. The same could apply to Israeli jets or UAVs operating in Iranian air space.
As they examine the difficulties of carrying out a strike, Israeli operational analysts can take comfort in the fact that Israel has achieved surprise many times before. Iran, as the intended target of a potential attack, is faced with several problems. One is to detect the decision to attack. Another is to accurately assess the timing and conduct of the operation. And a third problem is to take measures to prevent it. Iran was caught off guard by Iraq’s invasion in September 1980. Could it get caught napping again?

Chanting "God is Greatest", troops paraded missiles carriers, some bearing banners saying "Death to America" and "Death to Israel", armored personnel carriers and unmanned surveillance aircraft as well as small submarines with men wearing aqua-lungs alongside.

"We don't attack any country and don't want war but we will firmly confront any aggression against Iran," he said, as helicopters and fighter jets flew overhead and parachutists landed in the parade area in the south of the capital near the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Rouhani, whose election in June paved the way for a major thaw in ties with the West, was referring to the talks with six major powers to hammer out a permanent agreement aimed at resolving the decade-old nuclear standoff.
Under a November preliminary agreement between Iran and the world powers, that took effect on Jan. 20, Iran is to scale back its nuclear activities in exchange for initial relief from international trade and financial sanctions.
The next meeting between Iran, the United States, France, Russia, Germany, China and Britain is set for May 13 in Vienna, where they will start drafting the final agreement. 

[The subtitle should be "Can You Believe It Has Come To THIS?"]

Christian radio broadcaster James Dobson has won a temporary injunction preventing the federal government from requiring his ministry to include the morning-after pill and other emergency contraception in its health insurance.

Liberals And Progressives Telling Other People How To Live Their Lives

[Read the entire article - it is both stunning and chilling]

Liberals and progressives (LPs) like to control and micromanage other people’s lives. They consider themselves the ultimate arbiter of every facet of our existence. You could say they are the proverbial busy-bodies.

You can ignore the busy-body down the block. But, if you ignore liberals and progressives who have the power of the HOA, of violent protests, of boycotts, of the law, of the purse, and of the police behind them, you do so at your own peril.
  • LPs may be a minority of the population but they have their tentacles deeply embedded into the majority and into our national psyche, driving the message and the conversation and squashing dissent with labels of bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and islamophobia. 

Americans are trained to comply peacefully, follow and respect law and order, no matter how badly conceived a law may be. After all, 435 chosen ones have voted and decided and 316 million subjects must obey.

How Safe Is California? Earthquakes In Chile And Nicaragua Raise Questions

Nicaragua’s recent quakes – the Central American nation was hit by three earthquakes last week – along with a magnitude 8.2 quake in northern Chile and magnitude 5.1 tremor that shook southern California in March, have capped off a busy decade of seismic activity. That activity has scientists closely examining movements of the world’s fault lines and lawmakers in nations from South America to Asia to the United States wondering how prepared they are for a major shake.

Cities and countries ramp up preparation after a major earthquake. But what worries many critics and U.S. lawmakers – including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti – is that once big events have passed from recent memory, such as the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, people then “ignore high-consequence, low-probability events,” Dennis Mileti, a professor emeritus of sociology with the University of Colorado, Boulder, told Retro Report.

And even though earthquakes in the U.S. aren’t as frequent as those in Chile and Japan, states like Alaska, California and Washington are also at great risk for a major seismic event. California, which averages 27 minor quakes a day and suffered a 5.1 earthquake in March, is particularly vulnerable given the proximity of major cities to the coastline.

With fears that the fault underneath has been reactivated, officials from the government agency in charge of disaster preparedness, Sinapred, told the BBC it was getting ready for a "catastrophe of major proportions."

Also see:

Has The First Shot Been Fired?

Unless the federal government has paid the state of Nevada for the land in question, then let them prove it in court. If they have, in fact, paid for the land, it's theirs. If not, then they are illegally occupying land that belongs to the citizens of that state, and they need to leave and never come back.  Yes, that sounds almost too simple, doesn't it? When did the Bureau of Land Management get the constitutional authority tooccupy a sovereign state, assault its citizens with tasers, threaten them with automatic weapons and place snipers in strategic locations and target those afore mentioned citizens?

Last time I looked at the constitution I didn't see in any part of it that gives them the authority to do that.

We are witnessing that "transformation of America" that Obama promised when he came in to office. This is without question, for every freedom loving citizen of this country, the time to put a stop to this illegal action by our government. The people on the left called some of us "tin-foil hat wearing morons," because we saw events like this coming. Well, nobody's laughing now, are they? Unless, of course, you're a host of one of the many shows on MSNBC.

As far as this journalist is concerned, the government has fired the first shot, and it's about time that we free citizens of these United States of America put a stop to this!

The story of Cliven Bundy has dominated the news and, admittedly, my attention for over a week now. However, the history of the situation is not often discussed. Over 50 neighboring ranches were effectively "managed" out of business by the BLM and forced to sell long before the recent events with the Bundy Ranch. Bundy's daughterreports that the BLM stopped making improvements, which are supposed to be the rationale behind the fees, and started buying out the neighbors. Now, Cliven Bundy is the last man standing in an area that used to be dominated by family ranches.
The question thus becomes fairly straight-forward.

Is this agency really about "land management" or is it more about "land confiscation and procural?"
There are other stories emerging of BLM land grabs in Colorado and Texas and today I want to summarize what is happening along the Red River in Texas.
The Red River is the traditional border between Texas and Oklahoma. It is also home to many ranches, much like those in Nevada that have been passed down through generations. Faye Higbee reports:
The Red River is the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma…or is it?
Byers, Texas along the Red River — The BLM stole 140 acres of the Tommy Henderson ranch thirty years ago. They took his land and paid him absolutely nothing. He sued and lost. Now the BLM is using that court case as precedent to do it again. The problem is, the land they want to seize is property that ranchershave a deed for and have paid taxes on for over a hundred years.
The BLM claims that about 90,000 acres (116 miles along the Red River) have never belonged to Texas in the first place. They will seize the land and it will seriously change the boundaries between the two states.

Think about what we just learned. This land should have never belonged to Texas in the first place? Think about that. Only the most serious crimes have no statute of limitations. The BLM wants to take the private property of families that have owned it, in some cases, for over a hundred years.
No crime has been committed. This is not the fault of the owners. Taxes have been paid, and deeds have been issued.
Does this sound ethical to you?
As in the case with Bundy, legal and ethical are not always synonymous. We are living in a time of tyrants. They are perverting our laws to their liking and using them to advance their agenda with whatever means are necessary.
Cliven Bundy may have been the best thing to happen to America in many years. Whether he is an unconstitutional squatter, as some believe, or an American hero as I believe. It does not matter in this context. He is shining some much needed light on the Bureau of Land Management. Suddenly, stories like this Red River land grab, that are generally ignored by the national media, are becoming part of public awareness, and as Faye suggests…

Yes, America, the government is out of control.

'We Believe That The Lord Will Protect Us': Bundy Family Talks Nevada Ranch Standoff

Hannity asked Briana if she’s worried for her family.
“No I’m not, I know my family, and we’re a family of faith and we’re a family of God and we know that what we’re doing is right for the American people and we believe that the lord will protect us, and we saw that on Saturday, and so did the rest of America,” she said.

Thug Administration


hartdawg said...

Hey Scott, there's an old saying that says in any war truth is always the first casualty and its corpse is often hidden beneath a bodyguard of lies.
It seems that the rumors of Jews having to register in the pro-russian eastern Ukraine is not a fact, but is a psychological operations pitting anti-semites on the Russian side vs the Ukraine side. The problem is that 99% of the western mainstream media were taken in and reported it as a fact

Scott said...

Indeed Hart...The fact that it would be used this way is just as bad IMO.

Hey, I hope you are doing well brother. God Bless

hartdawg said...

Doing alright, yes it is just as bad. I don't know what's worse, the media reporting whatever they want as facts, a person in a very high position of authority as kerry being taken in by it or the public simply reading the headlines and thinking they know what they need to know

Scott said...

Yea, these are some strange times....If you really think about most news, there is so much mis-information, distortion, manipulation, etc, given intentionally...The Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Libya, pick one...The amount of misinformation in all of those scenarios is unbelievable.