North and South America, get ready for the first eclipse of the year.
Next Tuesday morning, the moon will be eclipsed by Earth's shadow. This total lunar eclipse will be visible across the Western Hemisphere. The total phase will last 78 minutes, beginning at 3:06 a.m. ET and ending at 4:24 a.m. ET.
The moon will be rising in the western Pacific, and so only the last half of the eclipse will be visible there. In much of Europe and Africa, the moon will be setting, so there won't be much, if anything, to see.
On April 29, the Southern Hemisphere will be treated to a rare type of solar eclipse.
In all, four eclipses will occur this year, two lunar and two solar.
Tuesday's lunar eclipse may damage a NASA spacecraft that's been circling the moon since fall. But no worries: it's near the end of its mission.