Thursday, March 26, 2009

News worth watching

An interesting development is taking place within the EU, or, as known in prophecy circles, the "revived Roman Empire" which is described in Daniel 2. We know from biblical prophecy that a leader will ultimately emerge from this revival of the Roman Empire and will become known as the Antichrist. Prophecy watchers are always watching developments within the EU - for a strong leader to emerge, or perhaps a "position" or "title" of absolute power to emerge.

Currently, the President of the EU serves a 6-month term, and that office rotates to different EU countries, and the term is held by the leader of that country. The Czech government currently holds the position of the EU president, with Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek in the role of EU President.

However, just this week, the Czech parliament backed a "no confidence" vote against Prime Minister Topolanek, who subsequently resigned. Now a new government must be formed. This has potential ramifications on the EU:

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As stated in the first article attached above, "With the Czechs currently holding the presidency of the European Union, the consequences of this vote could resound far beyond the Prague and deep into Brussels"

There is already a movement within the EU which is calling for a permanent EU President. This current turmoil with the EU's top position will only hasten these calls for a permanent President of the EU, thus replacing the current system of rotating the office every six months.

Odds are, that the Czechs will maintain the EU Presidency for the remainder of their term uneventfully. However, at a minimum, this situation will serve to increase the pressure for the EU President to become a permanent position.

It is also remotely possible that a leader could use this situation to gain political power within the EU. One never knows how these situations will evolve. We've seen how the financial crisis has hastened calls for a one-world currency/financial system and a one-world governance of such a financial system. Now we have an EU leadership "crisis", so the possibility exists that such a crisis could be used for political posturing and/or a political advantage by an individual or a group.

This is breaking news, so it is hard to know if it will be significant or not.

Either way, this is definitely worth watching closely. Thats what we prophecy watchers do. Stay tuned!

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