Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the news:

Its official: Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition for Israeli leadership will be sworn in today. As previously summarized, this is a big development for the entire region and may have prophetic implications. Mr. Netanyahu (aka "Bibi") is far less concerned with international pressure than previous, recent Israeli leaders, as he is more concerned with Israel's right to survive. Additionally, and more importantly, Mr. Netanyahu is primarily concerned with Iran's nuclear plans and has promised to do whatever it takes in order to eliminate this threat. I believe this election, and now confirmation, could be one of the most significant developments in the region in decades.

In other news, we continue to hear the drumbeat for a new currency standard, just days before the G20 meeting. Now Russia and China appear to be on the same page, as they are "coordinating" proposals for a new global currency and stating that they have "similar positions on the development of the international financial architecture" read here.

Meanwhile, North Korea's plans to launch a missile have new ramifications as they are known to have nuclear warheads, and now they may have the technology to send these missiles to American soil read here.

Another week passing and we watch the world shaping up exactly as bible prophecy would predict. We're rapidly moving to a world currency and a global financial system. We're seeing Iran and Israel headed towards a major conflict. We're watching the upcoming G20 meeting and their attempts at consolidation of financial control, and we see another terrorist country progressing towards a nuclear warhead which would be "deliverable" almost anywhere on the globe.

Just another week of prophecy watching. Stay tuned - the coming weeks may be very interesting.

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