Thursday, February 19, 2009

Isaiah 17 and Damascus

As previously discussed, we know from Isaiah 17 that the oldest inhabited city on the earth, Damascus, will be completely destroyed as we approach the end of this age. How or why this happens is a matter of speculation in prophecy circles, but we have seen tensions increasing between Israel and Syria for several years. The Golan Heights area has been disputed ever since the 1967 war when Israel gained control of this strategic piece of land. Damascus is known as a central "safe haven" for terrorists groups, and many of Hezbollah's leaders operate from Damascus.

Now, the Jerusalem Post is reporting here, that Syria is finalizing construction of a chemicals weapons facility in the northwest part of their country. This weapons plant, under construction since 2005, appears to be close to completed. Interestingly, this facility is adjacent to a missile base, where Syria houses long range missiles with launch capability.

Why is this significant? Israel has stated for years that they would view any chemical or "gas" tipped missiles, as a "weapon of mass destruction", exactly the same as a nuclear weapon. In other words, an Israeli response to such attacks would be the same as if attacked by nuclear weapons.

What leads to the destruction if Damascus is unknown, but we know that bible prophecy is 100% accurate, even to the smallest details. This epic event will happen as the scriptures state, and it will happen suddenly (over the course of one night).
Syria should take the Israeli warnings seriously, but instead, their preparations for war continue.

My suggestion for Syria: Don't use these chemical weapons against Israel. Bad idea. But I'm guessing Syria won't be listening to me.

Keep watching and keep looking up. Biblical prophecy is steadily marching along, exactly as predicted.

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