Saturday, January 31, 2009

Israeli elections and Iran

Israel will have their elections on February 10. Based on current polls, it appears that Benjamin Netanyahu should win the election, thus becoming Prime Minister of Israel.

In a recent article read here Mr. Netanyahu confirmed a fact that he has stated on many previous occasions: If he is elected, his first mission will be to ensure that Iran doesn't become armed with a nuclear weapon. He also stated that he will use military action if necessary. His very first mission.

At the same time, just this week, articles have emerged which state that Iran is rapidly progressing towards this nuclear capability - the window is closing rapidly. It may be a matter of months before Iran has "on-line" capability for nuclear weapons.

Based on the rhetoric coming from Iran, its not likely that any measure short of "military action" will stop their progress towards a nuclear weapon. Iran's leaders have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of stopping their nuclear plans. At the same time, they continually call for Israel's complete destruction.

That leaves Mr. Netanyahu with one choice only, and that is military action.

I have long believed that Israeli military strikes upon Iranian nuclear facilities will represent the final tipping point for the last dominoes to fall - either leading into the Tribulation, or representing the first stages of warfare once the Tribulation has started (it is impossible to set the exact timing). Either way, I believe that if Israel "invades" Iran, it will be the beginning of the end of this age.

The reasons for this follow:

- We know that the epic battle of "Gog-MaGog" is led by Russia, with Iran as one of the principle allies.
- Iranian nuclear facilities are being built with Russian scientists and other Russian staff who are present in large numbers in these various nuclear sites.
- If Israel bombs these sites, there will be many Russian workers who perish during the military action.
- This will immediately bring Russian involvement into the conflict. Escalation of the conflict will then be a given.
- Other Islamic states will be outraged, and inviting their participation in any "counter-attack" will be easy for Iran/Russia.

Its hard to imagine the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities - especially in the current "powder-keg" situation that exists in the Middle-East. Tensions are extremely high in the Middle-East at the moment, as a result of the Gaza conflict and the raging debate regarding Jerusalem's fate. The stakes are high and world leaders are watching this situation, hoping it doesn't explode before a peace plan can be confirmed. Any Russian involvement is particularly ominous, as such involvement would expand the Middle-East conflict considerably.

According to biblical prophecy, only the Anti-christ will have such a peace plan in the region. We know the plan will be short-lived however, as once his plan is "confirmed", the Tribulation has officially started. We all know what happens after that.

So, the reason the upcoming election is so important prophetically, is simple. Mr Netanyahu will most likely destroy these nuclear facilities in a military action. Iran will most assuredly retaliate, along with Russia involvement. This sounds very much like the beginnings of Ezekiel's described battle of "Gog-MaGog". Even if this retaliation isn't "Gog-MaGog", it will fast-forward remaining events.

The consequences of an invasion such as this, are profound. World-leaders are acutely aware of this fact. I believe it could serve as a ripe opportunity for the Anti-christ to emerge and confirm his long awaited peace plan for the Middle-East. Could we see such a leader emerge, in efforts to divert an Israeli invasion? The idea of Israel "invading" Iran, and then, effectively bringing in Russia, is almost unthinkable.

On the other hand, if such an invasion did take place, it seems obvious that the Middle-East could completely explode. The idea of Israel "attacking" a Muslim State would set off a fire-storm of rage among Islamic fundamentalists. The consequences would be severe - again, however, giving a perfect opportunity for someone to take the world-stage and finally present a peace-plan which would solve these ongoing problems.

February 10. It will be fascinating to see who becomes the next Prime Minister of Israel, and how this will fit into God's plans.

It may also present several different scenarios for a "perfect" peace plan to emerge, and perhaps a world leader who can "confirm" such a plan. Regardless, if Mr. Netanyahu becomes the next Prime Minister, things will become very very interesting in the Middle-East.

Keep watching, and keep looking up. Our redemption may be drawing near.

Maranatha !

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