Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daniel 2 and the last world empire

Daniel was given a dream interpretation which detailed Israel's long-term future. Specifically, Daniel saw a great statue which consisted of different metals. There were four distinctly different metals in this statue. The head of the statue was made of gold, the chest and arms were silver, the belly and thighs were made from bronze and the legs were made of iron.

This would be confusing and difficult to understand, but Daniel was given a full explanation of the meaning of this statue in Daniel 2:36-49. These four metals represented the 4 gentile empires that would rule over Israel, successively through time:

Gold Head: Babylonian Empire (626 BC - 539 BC)
Silver Chest/Arms: Medo-Persian Empire (539 BC - 330 BC)
Bronze Belly and Thighs: Greecian Empire (330 BC - 63 BC)
Iron Legs: Roman Empire (63 BC ->)

Note that Daniel was told that only 4 empires gentile empires would rule over Israel. Daniel was also told that the last empire, the Roman Empire, would ultimately be destroyed by Christ at the Second Advent (Daniel 2:35-49). Because this epic event - the Second Coming of Christ hasn't occured yet, it can only lead to one conclusion: The Roman Empire must regathered in some way, just before the Second Coming of Christ. The Roman Empire, in some form, has to be in existance at the time of Christ's return.

We also get some additonal details from Daniel 2. Iron was a fitting description to describe the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus. The Romans occupied cities and indeed ruled like "iron". Additionally, the two legs are considered to represent the split that took place in the Roman Empire, into an Eastern half (Constantinople) and a Western half (Rome).

However, Daniel saw the Roman Empire evolve over time, and at the time of the Second Coming, this representation of "iron" changed. What we believe represents the regathering of the Roman Empire at end times, is shown on the statue as the iron legs changing into a mixture of iron and clay. This shows the evolution of the Roman Empire from the time of Christ (iron) into something like "iron and clay" at the time preceeding the Second Coming.

"Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom...And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united." (Daniel 2:41-43)

So, we have a description of the revived Roman Empire just before the Second Coming. Most prophecy watchers who are taking a literal view of prophecy believe that this evolution of the European Union - into the new Mediterranean Union, now with 43 member nations, does indeed represent the long awaited "Revived Roman EMpire". A map of this union is virtually sumperimposable over maps of the ancient Roman Empire. It seems clear that the EU/Med Union represents the regathering of the Roman Empire, just as predicted.

Unlike the first Roman Empire, this current regathering of nations certianly resembles a mixture of "iron and clay", just as Daniel 2 predicted. As seen in the link provided above (see map), the northern half of the Mediterranean Union is predominately Roman Catholic. The southern half of this union is predominately Islamic. Iron and clay indeed. In fact these stark differences haven't been ignored and lawmakers have searched for ways to unite these two vastly different religions and people.

The Mediterranean Union has indeed found a way to deal with this problem - and it fits the prophetic scriptures perfectly. Recall that there are two feet in Daniel's statue - feet consisting of iron and clay. Also recall that the two legs of iron on the statue, represented the ancient east and west divisions of the Roman Empire (prophecy is THAT specific).

Now we search for a similar division of the Mediterranean Union, a division that will explain the two feet of iron and clay in Daniel's statue. Somehow, the Mediterranean Union will have to fractionate into two divisions, for Daniel's statue to be completed.

In breaking news this week, we discover that the Mediterranean Union has formally broken into two halfs, just as seen by Daniel. In order to recognize the vast cultural and religious differences in these people, the union has decided to break up into two halfs: a northern half and a southern half.

France is reporting here that such an agreement has now been reached. The foreign ministers of the Mediterranean Union have announced a formal division of the Mediterranean Union into TWO HALVES.

We will have a northern Mediterranean half, with a president representing these nations, and
we will have a southern Mediterranean half, with a president representing these nations.

We now have our two feet of Daniel's statue. Just as the two iron legs represented the east-west division of the first Roman Empire, the two feet have now been formally defined for the revived Roman Empire - by this northern and southern division of the Mediterranean Union. We also have the iron and clay mixture of people who will have great difficulty uniting (Daniel 2:43). The description in Daniel 2 fits these current developments perfectly.

This is important for two main reasons. 1) It shows the amazing accuracy, specificity and literal nature of Biblical prophecy, and, 2) Daniel's statue, as you move from head to toe, is actually a representation of moving through time. We just witnessed another jump in time, as we move down the statue. The division of the revived Roman Empire has now been formally divided into two parts. Amazing.

In fact, all that remains now is the further evolution of the Mediterranean Union (aka "Revived Roman Empire") into the "ten toe" stage and the subsequent rise of the anti-christ. The ten toes representing "ten kings" will rule with the anti-christ during the Tribulation (Daniel 7:24, Rev. 17:12). It is these "kings" along with the anti-christ that will be destroyed at the time of the Second Coming (Daniel 2:44).

Therefore, the next awaited stage in this progression through time will be the ten toes - as a representation of the 10 Kings. These kings will have one purpose, and one purpose only: to serve the anti-christ (Rev. 17:13).

This is an amazing prophetic development. Not only do we now have a revival of the Roman Empire, even with details including a "mixture" of people who can't unite, as described by Daniel - but we now have a formal division within this Mediterranean Union into two parts, exactly as predicted by Daniel's dream. We are moving rapidly through time and the rate of speed seems to be increasing daily.

It is difficult to know if we will see the next anticipated stage: the "ten kings" of Daniel's statue, (from which the anti-christ will arise). We may or may not be here to witness this. The Rapture can occur at any moment, but it will most definitely occur before the Tribulation.

Keep looking up as we approach the very end of this age. We are clearly in the last days.


Anonymous said...

10 toes could be the 10 arab nations. We could already have the 10 kings. Also from the the arab perspective you have sheits and sunis in the religions to ununitable groups. which could be the feet. The muslims are trying to take over all nations from within.

Anonymous said...

The fourth Kingdom is NOT the Roman Empire. It was the Islamic Empire. The Roman Empire never replaced the Babylonian Empire or the other two empires. It never extended that far to the east. The dream that was interpreted by Daniel was for the king of Babylon. Why is it that the West and the US is always trying to force our way into a role that we do not fit. Open your eyes. The Islamic Mahdi will be the Antichrist of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

The fourth kingdom was the Roman Empire. Octavianus was the "ruler" when the Roman Empire rose to power. Try checking your world history, where the Roman Empire (168 BC to 476 AD) reigned after the Greek Empire (331 BC to 168 BC).

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the 10 toes will refer to 10 world economic unions of nations modelled on the European Union? -North American Union, South America union,North Africa -club Med,Black Africa, Asia, Russia & former states, Australia-NewZealand etc?

Anonymous said...

1. European Union - Euro

A. The Pope told Western Europe to come together under their Christian roots and to come over to Socialism.

2. Eastern European Union -

3. North American Union - Amero

A. After economic integration and homogenization of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada have been completed, at exchange rates that represent the lowered standard of living of the Americans and the Canadians.

4. South American Union -

5. African Union -

6. Mediterranean Union -

7. Pacific Union or Asian Pacific Union -

8. Asian Union -

9. Central Asian Union -

10. Southern Asian Union -

That's how they look for now but a couple could change.

These will be the end time 10 Toes.

The end time One World Order.

harry said...

You can't just read Daniel and come to a conclusion of who the 10 toes are and how the antichrist fits into it all. You have to look to Revelation also. The statue is indeed a timeline, and the Roman empire is indeed the legs of iron, but the 10 toes have to be compared to both Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. The 10 toes are indeed kings or kingdoms, and if you read in Daniel 7, you see that they arise at the fall of the 4th kingdom(Rome). The little horn power(antichrist) arises after they do, and causes 3 of them to be removed. So, this little horn power must come up when the 10 kings(kingdoms) exist, which only happens until @500AD. If you doubt, read Roman history, you will find that Western Rome was basically given up, and the empire moved it's capital to the Turkey, 10 germanic tribes took over Rome's old territory in the west, and 3 of them became extinct within a couple centuries.There are many specific identifying marks of the antichrist(little horn), write them down when you find them and you will be suprised at who or what you come up with. 1. The 10 horns came up when Rome fell. 2. 3 of those kingdoms were destroyed after the little horn came up. 3. it shall be different than the previous kingdoms. 4. It shall blaspheme God(look up in the Bible for the definiton of blaspheming). It shall be a persecuting power. It shall intend to change God's times and laws. It is lead by a man. The little horn comes up in western europe. It's capital is a city that sits on 7 hills or mountains.

Expected Imminently said...


The Bible describes only FOUR Gentile nations of Babylon, Media/Persia, Greece and Rome.

A/c comes OUT from AMONG the ten horns becoming the 11th horn. When Christ the Rock hits, it is at the feet of the FOURTH/IRON Roman Empire when He fills the earth with the JEWISH Messianic Kingdom as earths FIFTH and final empire for 1000 years and then comes Eternity. Rome has never ceased to exist, it is the DIVERSE beast of Daniel 7, a conglomerate of the previous THREE with the ability to be malleable.

Imperial Rome has continued through the Roman Catholic Church via Constantine and bred within Europe’s Holy Roman empire. Rome is in the process of reviving politically, not just spiritually.

I suggest you watch the video link that Alice has given us in the previous thread.

Expected Imminently said...

Anonymous said "The Islamic Mahdi will be the Antichrist of the Bible"

This view is based upon newspaper exegesis, not the Bible.

The power of Islam will be smashed according to Isaiah 17/Psalm83 and Ezek.38/39. Islam is about to have its wings well and truly clipped.

The people who destroyed the Temple in AD 70 were the crack troops of the ROMAN Xth legion who were top notch Roman Citizens. Islam didn't exist at that time - Islam has come out of ROME and will soon be destroyed.

Muhammed wasn’t born until around 470 AD and his religion began about 610 AD. So Islam had no connection to the destruction of the Temple in Daniel 9:26/27.

Romans were the PEOPLE who destroyed the Temple, and it will be a future Prince of theirs who will be the A/c. i.e. a ROMAN Prince.

Chara Choppel said...

Mohammed was not born 470.
He was alive 610 when you say his religion was founded.
He would have been 140 years old.