Friday, May 29, 2020

Jan Markell: 'I Never Thought I Would See The Day'

I Never Thought I Would See the Day (Part 5)

By Jan Markell

Because our times have so changed since early 2020, almost everyone is breathless and almost everyone is saying the same thing— they never thought they would see the things happen like they are happening today! 

Whoever thought an invisible enemy, a virus no less, could turn the world upside down?

Let’s consider just a few of these issues.

I never thought I would see the day when:

  • Prisoners would be let out of jail at the very same time Christians were being kept out of church.

  • It would be so obvious why America is not a prominent player in Bible prophecy. Something had to neutralize us, or a series of events would weaken the superpower. 

  • People I admired and trusted told me they were going to report good people to authorities who weren’t keeping the “letter of the law” such as proper social distancing. Friends reporting friends? Neighbors reporting neighbors? Has love grown cold?

  • It would be so blatantly obvious that we are in the absolute last of the last days—in fact, the last hour—but our pulpits still insist on being quiet about that. For the first time, many people truly want to understand the times and how the Bible applies to them!

  • The one institution pushing back on the despair, the church, would be declared “non-essential” but not marijuana shops or some abortion clinics.

  • Businesses that took a lifetime to build and that even spanned three generations, were destroyed in a few weeks—not just in America but around the world.

  • Some churches can re-open but with limitless restrictions including how you handle communion, but Costco and Home Depot are allowed hundreds of customers with just a couple of restrictions. 

  • Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, many would rush to the defense of China who caused it all to happen! 

  • The rugged American spirit that drove pioneers to fend off Indians, would get so diminished that many caved to the whims of politicians, who obsessed over masks and social distancing. And we let them.

  • Two unknown doctors appeared daily in press briefings presenting their evidence to ruin our great country and it seemed like our leaders never gathered a second opinion. And when some spoke up to differ, they were shut down.

The stage is clearly being set for the Tribulation, yet most people are clueless because Bible prophecy has been deemed irrelevant and inconvenient. The world is being prepared for a demonic savior, yet the masses are not only clueless, they will run pell-mell into his arms. He will promise to restore order out of this chaos. He is waiting in the wings. His title is Antichrist.

You never thought you would live to see this day either, did you? 

Something has changed in America since the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 began. Something is different. Worse than previous political disagreements, but hard to define. The tyranny of the left has transitioned from theoretical or intangible into the physical world.
Life in the 21st century has devolved into a series of outrages in Western nations. Perhaps aided by 24/7 connectivity, even the most local matter in a small community can turn into a viral video or international incident provoking outraged political debates on cable news and social media platforms.
One would think a global pandemic should be something about which everyone can agree to put aside differences and work together. Instead, it has become the most divisive issue in generations.
How can a medical matter be so sharply partisan? The same way watching a football game has become political. The same way women's bathrooms have become political. The same way a fast-food chicken sandwich is political. Movies, education, music, marriage, the nightly news – liberals inject politics into everything, forcing everyone to either agree with them or be guilty of some alleged evil motive.
With coronavirus, the demand is to shut down our economy and allow government to control or prohibit activities. The excuse is medical safety, and they claim their demands are based in science – but they are unable to explain the scientific basis for many of their restrictions, like how COVID-19 will infect someone at a small business, but not at big-box store, or why exceptions are granted for their political interests. Abortion clinics and marijuana shops are mostly open, for instance, while churches and Trump rallies are closed. It is more apparent by the day that the real interest of liberals is to expand their control and provoke the same partisan divisions Americans are already exhausted from in every other area of life.

While the hyper-partisanship of the past few years has forced Americans to lurch from one political outrage to the next, the debates have largely been confined to social media or an occasional terse exchange with family members running afoul of the "no politics" rule at holidays. The never-ending string of angry debates has been limited to opinions about some philosophical or theoretical question. Should football players kneel during the national anthem? Were Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown victims of racism? Should a county clerk be forced to issue a marriage license to homosexual couples? These questions divided Americans largely on political lines, but were not likely to come up in most people's lives.

Coronavirus changed all that.

The opinions of the left crossed over from intangible words and judgment into reality as people began facing censorship on social media and speech codes at school or work. With COVID-19, leftist politics expanded into the physical world as governments physically confine innocent Americans in our homes, order businesses closed and restrict our movement. The debate is now personal and real for most. The Constitution effectively is suspended.

Something else has changed, too. 
Several recent viral videos show people confronting others for not wearing masks over their faces or otherwise violating orders or recommendations. Some liberal authorities have called on their supporters to act as informers on their fellow citizens.

In New Jersey, authorities shut off utilities to the Atilis Gym and harassed, cited and arrested their customers without any explanation for the scientific basis requiring gyms to be closed while other businesses are permitted to remain open. In California, the governor is permitting beachgoers to swim in the ocean but not hang out on the beach. New York's mayor, on the other hand, is allowing people to use the beaches but threatened that authorities would physically pull swimmers out of the water. In Chicago, police raided a church holding worship service without permission.

The face-mask "recommendation" is so unevenly applied from place to place and by type, it is apparent the mask is now more a symbol of acquiescence to liberal authorities. Actress Alyssa Milano drew laughter recently for posting a selfie wearing a crocheted mask. Her defenders on social media insisted that all that mattered is showing that she cares. In other words, virtue signaling. Rush Limbaugh recently said masks are a symbol of fear. He is correct. It is how you can show others you will comply, no matter how absurd the demand. But it also serves another purpose. It is a visible outward way of marking those who agree with the left and those who do not. The liberal hate mobs do the rest.

If you are a member of a neighborhood or local social media page, you may have noticed a familiar party line split, with liberals making their usual wild accusations against conservatives such as they are uncaring, cruel, unintelligent or selfish for wanting to return to work. These pages have been turned into leftist tools for snitching and shaming noncompliant neighbors.

The left has stayed true to the words of Rahm Emanuel and not let the COVID-19 panic go to waste. Liberals seized the initiative while conservatives dithered, going along with the insanity at first and then only gradually restoring freedom in tiny increments, leaders terrified to appear they are not taking the illness seriously. Where are federal authorities to intervene in the madness of patchwork coronavirus orders to protect Americans' freedoms?
Leftist bullying gradually moved from smug judgment to imposing speech codes to liberal hate mobs antagonizing Americans refusing to be controlled, police closing businesses, arresting customers and raiding churches … for no reason other than liberal government officials order it.
The totalitarianism of the left has crossed over from words and intangible judging into the physical world. Without strong federal leadership to restore order, continuing down this path may lead to violence.

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