Sunday, June 17, 2018

ISIS Threatens To Bomb World Cup Using Drones

ISIS has threatened to bring death and destruction to the World Cup using drone bombs.
The terror group's latest propaganda video shows drones blowing up football stadiums in Russia.
The animated video is accompanied by a voice which chants: 'We're watching you. We have drones, we're scouting out locations and we'll attack.'
The propaganda, which Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to publish in full, has been circulating on various social media channels including terrorists' private chats. 

Chilling threat: ISIS's latest propaganda video shows drones blowing up football stadiums in Russia

ISIS expert Raphael Gluck, of monitoring group Jihadoscope, said the propaganda was a 'fantasy' but the threat should be taken seriously nonetheless.
He told Daily Mail Australia: 'Obviously this is wishful thinking and make believe but governments are saying it's only a matter of time until drones are used in some shape or form to carry out terror attacks in the West.' 
This is not the first time ISIS fighters have threatened to use drones to attack civilians - and they have already used the technique to attack Iraqi and Syrian forces.

This week, a British scientist and leading drone expert predicted that an attack of such kind is imminent.
Dr Stephen Prior told the Cheltenham Science Festival: 'ISIS has been one of the first terrorist groups to go and buy a very cheap drone, convert it and use it to very devastating effect in Iraq and Syria.
'Terrorists can go on a course to learn about it and nine months later they can build their own one and fly it around the world.

'I am surprised, frankly, that more drones have not been used to do bad things already. I think it is only a matter of time before somebody tries something.'
Drones can weigh as little as 500g and fly up to 100mph and the GPS tracking system can be turned off, which makes spotting them difficult.
Some governments have trained eagles to take out a drone. Another option is to use an RF transmitter gun to disable the electrics.
Although ISIS' Caliphate in the Middle East - once the size of the United Kingdom - has been largely destroyed, pockets of the terror group remain in Iraq, Syria and the Philippines.
The World Cup - the world's biggest sporting event - kicked off last night with one million fans expected in Moscow alone over the next month, making it a prime terror target.

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