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Ebola Update: CDC Releases New Guidelines, Fear In America, Strong Quake Hits Ecuador And Colombia

Ebola Outbreak: CDC Releases New Guidelines For Protective Gear

CBC News is dedicating a special day of coverage to the Ebola crisis on Tuesday. On radio, television and online, we'll explore the facts behind Ebola and answer questions. Be part of the conversation Tuesday by using #ebolafacts on social media or by joining our live chat on CBCNews.ca starting at 8 p.m. ET.
Health officials released new guidelines Monday for how health workers should gear up to treat Ebola patients.
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the long-anticipated updates Monday evening. Health workers have been pushing for new standards since two Dallas hospital nurses were diagnosed with the disease this month after treating an Ebola patient.
The guidelines call for face shields, hoods, boot covers and other garb that leave no part of the body exposed. They also call for a trained monitor to supervise the donning and doffing of protective wear. And they call for repeated training and practice.

The CDC guidance was expected as early as Saturday, but its release has been pushed back while it continues to go through review by experts and government officials.
Health workers had been pushing for the guidance since the nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas were infected. They had treated an Ebola-infected patient named Thomas Eric Duncan — the first person diagnosed with the virus in the U.S.
Exactly how the two nurses were infected is not clear, said CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden during a Monday night teleconference with reporters.
"We may never know exactly how that happened, but the bottom line is, the guidelines didn't work for that hospital," Frieden said.
The new guidelines include:

  • Use of protective garments, hoods, face shields, double gloves, face masks or respirators and other protective equipment to cover every square inch of a health worker's body.
  • A call for health workers who may be involved in an Ebola patient's care to practice repeatedly and demonstrate proficiency in donning and doffing gear before ever being allowed near a patient.
  • Placement of a trained hospital employee to supervise all aspects of care in an Ebola patient's room and watch that all health workers put on and take off gear correctly.

During the last six years, many Americans have sensed a steep decline in America’s prestige, military might and economic power in the world. They wake up every day to witness their country lurching from crisis to crisis in a rudderless ship.

Jihadists are on the march, unchecked by President Obama’s tepid responses. Russian President Vladimir Putin openly thumbs his nose at the United States under Obama’s leadership. Iran is edging ever closer to achieving its ambition of becoming a nuclear-armed power, while the Obama administration bumbles along with fruitless negotiations and weakening of sanctions. Ebola is spreading, while the president refuses to take the common sense step of banning commercial flights from the most affected countries. In fact, according to Judicial Watch, “the Obama administration is actively formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment,” apparently without seeking congressional approval. President Obama is also reportedly planning to issue an executive order after the mid-term elections that would effectively grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in this country while the southern border remains vulnerable to the entry of terrorists and infected illegal immigrants. The economy remains shaky, characterized by stagnant household incomes and people giving up looking for work as the labor participation rate has declined to the lowest rate in 36 years. Add to all this the scandals about which the Obama administration has not been forthcoming, including the handling of events leading up to, during and following the jihadist attacks in Benghazi that claimed four American lives, the IRS’s politically motivated targeting of conservatives, the mess at the Department of Veterans Affairs and Fast-and-Furious.

Thus, it should be no surprise that, in a recent poll of likely voters in competitive U.S. House and Senate races reported on by Politico, 64% believed that “[t]hings in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.” A whopping 84% of those polled believed that ISIS represents a threat to our homeland, despite assurances from the Obama administration that there is no credible information that ISIS plans to attack the homeland. When Americans see the brutality ISIS is capable of with their own eyes, and hear ISIS warn that “We Will Drown All of You in Blood” and that the jihadists will “raise the flag of Allah in the White House,” Americans have good reason to believe that things are getting out of control and that the Obama administration is either clueless or deceitful. ISIS is far better armed than al Qaeda was when it carried out its 9/11 attacks and has the advantage of hundreds of recruits from the West, including the United States, who can return home and wreak havoc.

Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released last week backs up the prevailing feeling among Americans that things are heading in the wrong direction. Sixty-five percent of those polled “said the country had taken a wrong turn, and only 25% said the U.S. was on the right path,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “The only time the public has felt worse was in October 2008, during the first, deep spasms of the recession.” As one retirement-age female Democrat from Iowa was quoted as saying in explaining why she thought the nation was on the wrong track:  “The wars, the bombings, the terrorism and that, this Ebola thing, that’s not good.

A strong earthquake rattled parts of Ecuador and southern Colombia Monday afternoon, sending frightened residents running outdoors. There are no reports of structural damage, but early reports indicate one person may be trapped in a landslide.
The magnitude-6.0 temblor struck the province of Carchi in northern Ecuador at 2:33 p.m. local time (3:33 p.m. EDT). The epicenter was near San Gabriel, a town of 33,000 near the Colombian border. Shaking was reported in Ecuador's capital, Quito, as well as farther away in its largest city, Guayaquil.
Images posted to social media from areas near the epicenter thus far do not appear to show any damage.

However, this photo from the provincial capital, Tulcan, shows people assembled on the streets after running outdoors during the quake.

Nearly two hours after the quake, Ecuador's armed forces reported a landslide in Carchi province with one person possibly trapped.

Former Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says all U.S. financial policy revolves around propping up the dollar.  Dr. Roberts contends, “I’ve always said the whole system is rigged.  It’s a house of cards, and the weak spot is the dollar because they cannot print foreign currencies for which to buy dollars.  So, if there is a worldwide run on the dollar, they lose control then.  In the meantime, they have all these things they can do to counteract the direction of the markets, and I expect them to continue doing that.”

Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “The reason they want to hold the gold price down is they are afraid of its impact on the dollar.  The reason why they had to suppress the gold price is they had to protect the dollar from quantitative easing (QE) because they were printing trillions and trillions of new dollars.  This was worrying people around the world who hold dollars because the dollar was increasing, but not the goods and services in the American economy.  So, when the gold price took off, the Fed said this endangers QE because if the dollar is declining in value relative to gold, it must also be declining in value relative to other currencies.  Once the exchange rate starts collapsing, we lose control.  So, we’ve got to suppress gold.  I don’t know which side of the equation will play out first.  I don’t know if they will run out of gold to deliver to India and China, or people will say this is a rigged scheme and we are just not participating anymore.”  Roberts adds, “Again, I don’t know how this will play out, but we keep seeing developments that indicate that people are not content to play in rigged markets.”
On the Ukraine crisis, Dr. Roberts says, “Putin is saying, look you are pushing too far.  Because we are reasonable doesn’t mean you can walk all over us.  Don’t get the idea that because we (Russia) haven’t slapped your face that we are going to permit this forever.  You are being very, very aggressive to somebody who can stand up to you, and we are prepared to do that. . . .So, that is the message that he gave.”
On the U.S. dollar, is the world getting ready to dump it?  Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “I think on the whole, that there is a risk that it could be dumped all at once, but it’s going to be dumped anyhow, even if slowly, and it’s already started.  When you see the Russian/Chinese agreements and the Russian/Indian agreements, what you are witnessing is people moving away from using the dollar to settle trade between one another.”

Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve are lying to you.  The "economic recovery" that we all keep hearing about is mostly just a mirage.  The percentage of Americans that are employed hasbarely budgedsince the depths of the last recession, the labor force participation rate is at a 36 year low, the overall rate of homeownership is the lowest that it has been in nearly 20 years and approximately 49 percent of all Americans are financially dependent on the government at this point.  In a recent article, I shared 12 chartsthat clearly demonstrate the permanent damage that has been done to our economy over the last decade.  The response to that article was very strong.  Many people were quite upset to learn that they were not being told the truth by our politicians and by the mainstream media.  Sadly, the vast majority of Americans still have absolutely no idea what is being done to our economy.  For those out there that still believe that we are doing "just fine", here are 19 more facts about the messed up state of the U.S. economy...

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