Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally: A factually correct, politically incorrect speech

Prime Minister Netanyahu just finished his speech, and it was quite a speech. For the first time in years, rather than attempt to be politically correct and please "the world", Mr. Netanyahu spoke the truth. Below, as provided by Haaretz News Flash is a line by line listing of Mr. Netanyahu's speech link here:

0:39 Netanyahu: With God`s help we will know no more wars, only peace (Haaretz)
20:37 Netanyahu: We are committed to bringing back Gilad Shalit safe and sound (Haaretz)
20:37 Netanyahu: Israel will not negotiate with terrorists who wish to destroy it (Haaretz)
20:36 Netanyahu: Palestinians must choose between the path of peace and that of Hamas (Haaretz)
20:35 Netanyahu: Settlers aren`t enemies of peace, they are our brothers and sisters (Haaretz)
20:33 Netanyahu: Future Palestinian state must be dematerialized if peace is to arrive (Haaretz)
20:32 Netanyahu: We do not want a Palestinian state that can become a terrorist base (Haaretz)
20:30 Netanyahu: We want the two peoples to live peacefully side by side (Haaretz)
20:30 Netanyahu: We don`t want to govern Palestinians or force our culture on them (Haaretz)
20:29 Netanyahu: There wouldn`t have been a Holocaust if Israel had been formed (Haaretz)
20:27 Netanyahu: Jewish people`s link with Land of Israel has lasted for 3000 years (Haaretz)
20:26 Netanyahu: Israel assimilated thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab nations (Haaretz)
20:25 Netanyahu: Palestinian refugees must find solution outside Israel`s borders (Haaretz)
20:24 Netanyahu: Palestinian leadership must show integrity and courage to attain peace (Haaretz)
20:23 Netanyahu: Even moderate Palestinians will not recognize Israel as Jewish state (Haaretz)
20:22 Netanyahu: Israel`s withdrawal from Palestinian territories has not brought peace (Haaretz)
20:22 Netanyahu: The closer we get to an agreement, the farther the Palestinians retreat (Haaretz)
20:21 Netanyahu: West Bank does not stand at the center of dispute with Arab world (Haaretz)
20:20 Netanyahu: Root of the dispute is refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state (Haaretz)
20:19 Netanyahu: We must ask ourselves why has peace not arrived after 60 years? (Haaretz)
20:18 Netanyahu: I don`t want war, no one wants war (Haaretz)
20:17 Netanyahu: We want both Israeli and Palestinian children to live without war

In summary, Mr. Netanyahu made the following significant statements:

- Israel has a right to exist, and this must be agreed by the Palestinians. According to Mr. Netanyahu, this is the basis of the entire dispute.
- Israel will not divide Jerusalem.
- Israeli withdrawal from their land has never resulted in peace.
- Any potential "Palestinian State" would have to be "demilitarized".

This speech will NOT go over well in the main-stream-liberal-media. Nor will it go over well with Iran and the terrorist groups who surround Israel. It will be interesting to see the international reaction, but today marks the day that Israel finally took a definitive, clear stand on their position regarding the potential for peace in the region.

This is a fascinating development. Again, Israel has drawn a line in the sand. Although these comments seem rather obvious, previous Israeli leaders (recently) "played the game" that the mainstream media and politicians insisted that they play - give away land and pretend that their enemies really don't intend to destroy them. Pretend that the Palestinians really want Israel to exist as a country. Pretend that missiles aren't launched into Israel daily. Pretend that Palestinians really want peace, despite the fact that they have turned down every offer given to them for peace. Pretend that when Israel pulled out of Gaza, (uprooting thousands of Jews from their homes) - it did NOT lead to daily missile attacks, a terrorist base, and more violence. Pretend, pretend, pretend. That was the past game.

Mr. Netanyahu obviously refuses to play the game. He understands the conditions that exist today, and the tenuous grip that Israel hold on their very existence.

How does this fit into prophecy?

Keep watching, the story is unfolding daily. God's plan is being revealed more and more with each passing day.

Today's stand by Israel is a very significant development. Israel is no longer playing the game thats been dictated to them since their existence.

And that is exactly what is at stake - their existence.

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