Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its coming. Are you ready?

I have been following current events as they relate to biblical prophecy for well over 20 years now. I can recall what it was like, back in the early days of following these events. We had a general sense that we were in the last days of this generation, based on several large milestones, such as the miraculous formation of Israel in 1948. Back then, we also had several other signs that were consistent with the prophetic scriptures, as they pertained to the last generation:

- A generation known for dramatic increases in the ability to travel, and ability to acquire knowledge (Daniel 12:4)
- A generation known for its ability to make war, including weapons of mass destruction and the capability to create war on a
world-wide basis. (Matthew 24:6-7)
- A generation who would suddenly "open" and understand the prophetic scriptures as intended for the last generation
(Daniel 12:9; Revelation 1:3)
- A generation who would observe Jerusalem change from an insignificant, basically uninhabited area, into a city which
would become the focus of peace plans in the Middle-East; a city that would be the central issue in terms of solving
the overall conflict in the Middle-East (Zechariah 12:2-3)
- A generation who would observe earthquakes in "diverse areas", and increasing over the earth - like birth pains
(Matthew 24:7)
- A generation who would witness a "revival" of the ancient Roman Empire; something painfully and obviously clear from
watching the rise and the dramatic and rapid growth of the European Union (Daniel 2)
- A generation who would witness the formation of "peace-plans" attempted between Israel and her neighbors, setting
the stage for the Antichrist to arrive and "confirm" the deal (Daniel 9:27)

These are just a few of the completed prophecies which told us that we were in the final generation, as described by Jesus Himself, and the prophets Daniel and Zechariah.

We also watched for signs that informed us that the last seven-year period, known as the Tribulation, was approaching:

- The technology to implement the global financial system, known as the "Mark of the Beast", which would require everyone
on earth to have a "Mark" on the hand or forehead, which will be required for ANY financial transaction - required to be
able to buy or sell anything. It also will serve as a visible indicator that the individual has pledged worship of the
Antichrist. Applied Digital Solutions now has this technology, and we have the satellite capability to complete this
prophecy (Revelation 13:16-17)
- The ability of the world to witness, in "real-time", the "Two Witnesses", as described in Revelation 11, who "witness" to the
entire world, and the ability for the whole world to watch these great prophets from God - being put to death, and then,
witness their miraculous resurrection (Revelation 11:3-10)
- The ability of the "Kings of the East" ("east" meaning anything east of the Euphrates River) to form a 200 million-man
army (Revelation 9:14-16)
- An increase in "pestilences", a sign that would indicate that infectious disease and inability to fight these diseases (aka
"antibiotic resistence") on a world-wide basis

And on and on it goes. These earlier signs told prophecy watchers that we were clearly living in the "last generation". Most of the signs given were present and accounted for. But lately, we have seen new and unexpected signs - signs that frankly, I didn't think we would see on this side of the Rapture of the Church. Signs that really didn't have to occur UNTIL the Tribulation (note: by no means am I saying that we are in the Tribulation now!):

- The "global financial crisis"; which over the last 4-5 weeks has become "The Story" internationally. Shockingly, just over this
period of time, serious discussions regarding the need for a "global financial system", with "global oversight" are taking
place. Serious discussions relating to the necessity for a "global currency" are now taking place. Now, we are in the early
stages of a "global governance" over this financial system (which sounds ominously like the early stages of a "global
government"). Such ideas were scoffed at previously, but not in today's world.

- The urgency to finalize a "peace-plan" in the Middle-East, between Israel and her neighbors. President-elect Obama has
indicated his committment to this. Currently, all discussions center on the previous "Oslo Peace Accords", which,
interestingly, was "signed" yet it was never "confirmed" due to the subsequent violence in the region. The current plans
center on the ability to "confirm" these plans - presumably by sending in "peace-keeping" troops into Israel, and proposed
by the EU (aka "revived Roman Empire"). Daniel gave us this exact scenario in Daniel 9:27).

- Iran achieving the capability to manufacture nuclear weapons. The alliance between Russia and Iran, which was precisely
described in Ezekiel 38-39 - including their all-consuming hatred against Israel. We also watch the growth of this alliance
to include enemies of Israel - as they surround this tiny country.

- The world seeking a leader who can appear to solve these various world-wide problems - including the economic collapse
and the ongoing conflict in the Middle-East.

Its amazing to watch these events come together as they have. It gives us reassurance that God's prophecy is 100% accurate - and that God is completely in control, according to His plan. It gives us reassurance and hope while watching these ominous events taking place. It gives nervous anticipation over what is coming next. It gives us strength in the face of an uncertian world around us. It gives us strength in the face of persecution. It gives us assurance that the remaining events WILL OCCUR exactly as God described.

Jeremiah spent years telling the Nation of Israel that the Babylonians would come from the north and destroy Jerusalem - begging them to repent before it was too late. They didn't listen, and predictably, the Babylonians came from the north and destroyed Jerusalem - taking captive the young men and women of Israel. Exactly as Jeremiah predicted. A typical response to biblical prophecy.

Daniel 12 concludes and summarizes the vast array of prophecy that Daniel had been given. And it is there, that we find a small little verse that rarely receives attention. During this "summary" of the prophecy given to Daniel, we see the following (parenthetical statements mine):

"Many will be purified and made spotless and refined (only obtained throuh salvation), but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand (a reference to the "scoffers" - also described by the Apostle Peter: 2 Peter 3)

Only the "wise" will understand. Even though a massive amount of biblical prophecy points to the clear fact that we are in the "last generation" (the generation that would be awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ), only a small part of the Church recognizes this fact. Just as described to the great prophet Daniel. Perhaps that explains the next scripture - this time given by the apostle Paul:

"Now this is in store for me, the crown of Righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will reward to me on that day - and not only me, BUT ALSO ALL WHO HAVE LONGED FOR HIS APPEARING". (2 Timothy 4:8).

Thats how Jesus sees prophecy watching. It reveals our deep love for Him and our deep, almost painful need to be with Him. In His very presence. Wow - just imagine that day - the day that we get to actually be with Jesus. Its mind-blowing to consider, that soon, it WILL happen. We will have "one on one" time with Jesus - our Lord and Savior. The one who willingly took incredible punishment, beatings, humiliation, whippings, and ultimately, death on the cross. We will fall at His feet and thank Him for all that He did. What a glorious moment that will be!

We watch prophetic developments because of that one central fact: Prophecy tells us that we will be in the very presence of Jesus - soon. Perhaps thats why we are "rewarded" for maintaining interest and excitement when we watch these signs. Only a deep love for Jesus dictates a desire to constantly watch these prophetic developments - because these developments reveal the nearness of Christ's return. Excitement and anticipation grows, as we see events lining up exactly as foretold.

Its coming soon. Every prophetic development that we observe - screams confirmation of this undeniable fact. Just as Jeremiah's prophecies were fulfilled, so will these "end times" prophetic scriptures reach fulfillment. Its an exciting time to be a follower of Christ, because we know what awaits us.

Lets be counted as "those who are wise" - those who understand the age in which we live. The age that will see complete fulfillment of all remaining prophecy. The age that will see Jesus, personally.

I believe this day is coming very soon. As a bride prepares for a wedding, lets prepare to meet Jesus. Its time. Jesus is making the final preparations, and as He informed His disciples:

"In my Father's house there are many mansions. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me - that you also may be where I am".

Thats the bottom line. That we can be where Jesus is.

Maranatha! Our Lord Comes! Are you ready?

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