Friday, May 30, 2008


Several reports are coming out, including an article in the Jerusalem Post, which reveal a large-scale arms deal between Syria and Russia. This arms sale would include anti-aircraft missiles, MiG fighter jets, surface to air missiles, and an array of additional weapons. This is part of a disturbing trend in the the region, as Russia is also actively supplying Iran and Turkey with arms, in similar agreements. This is taking place while the world watches Russian involvement in constructing Iranian nuclear facilities, which are expected to have the capability to produce nuclear weapons by the end of this year. Of course, this is in the context of Iranian President Ahmadinejad having well-known intentions to destroy Israel.

The most concerning aspect of this development is the close association between Iran, Russia and the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas. Hezbollah and Hamas currently occupy and control Lebanon and Gaza, respectively. The general assumption is that these Russian made arms will end up in the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah, which is not surprising given that many of the missiles currently being launched from Gaza are supplied by Iran and Russia.

As mentioned previously, prophecy watchers are keeping a close eye on developments between Russia and Iran, and their influence in the region. The current alignment (through various treaties and arms deals) of Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey, along with northern Africa's Islamic States, and the various terrorists groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Fatah, looks very much like the geopolitical scenario seen by the prophet Ezekiel approximately 2,500 years ago.

All of this is occuring at a time of Israel experiencing major political turmoil. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is under intense investigation, with mounting pressure to resign and it is becoming apparent that his term will end soon. The question then becomes, will Israel hold new elections, and if so, who will be in power next? Its unclear how Olmert's demise will change things in Israel, but its certianly a significant development - one to follow closely. This political uncertianty may also serve as an opportunity for one of the terrorists groups to attack Israel, as so frequently promised.

As usual, its difficult to see exactly where all of this is going, but in these end times, any significant development in Israel seems to have prophetic implications. Things are happening at a rapid rate in the middle east and its a given that violence will continue to escalate, probably over the course of this summer.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to watch and spread the news of Christ's return.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Linda G.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for mom and dad and the bible study that has been going on for 30 years in there home. Two of the women have been talking with some of the members all about this sick revival in Florida. They even have talked with Richard from Sunrise. As mom says this is a way for Satan to get in the door of an ongoing good bible study and try to ruin it. She and Dad are praying about how to talk with these two women who are good friends about them talking up this revival.
Linda Galloway