Saturday, August 20, 2022

In The Eye Of The Storm

In the Eye of the Storm

Sometime earlier this year (2022) the fearporn seemed to start to wane. Mandates started to relax, masks started to disappear, “social distancing” decals started to come up off floors in supermarkets and drug stores. Occasionally you might have even seen a waiter or waitress maskless in the more liberated restaurants. The storm was lifting. Or was it?

Anyone who has followed my writing knows at that time I was not joining the celebration parties many other people were throwing in their exuberance that we had won the great war. So many believed the efforts to kill the giant hydra of the mainstream agenda had been successful. All the hydra’s heads, or nearly all of them, had been hacked off.

I never believed this, as many of you out there never bought into it fully either. This is a common tactic in a psy-operation, and I have written about it quite often.

But…maybe I was not entirely correct. I read an article recently from Off-Guardian, Ukraine in the Time of Covidthat basically pointed out that the elite, the agenda, may have moved too quickly, and, in their excitement, may have shown a bit too much of their hand. This could be true, but I wonder about all the movies I have seen where the evil villains never think they have made a mistake. They laugh and jeer when the good guys tell them their evil plans are doomed.

The surface may seem calm. The agenda has almost total control of the surface, meaning control over what most people are thinking, doing, and believing. This surface of the global population has been remarkably easy to control…much easier than I ever could have imagined.

It is one example of the utter brilliance of the evil narrative; they essentially can get away with anything, and few will raise even an ounce of concern. They have to do this in a special way, but it isn’t all that complicated. Their methods of coercion and manipulation are highly effective. If there indeed has been a slow down, it is probably intentional.

The seeds of genocide, if indeed those were the seeds planted, are well on their way to sprouting big time. The agenda is set, they don’t really need to do anything else quickly (digital IDs, vaccine passports, digital currency, another viral attack, more vaccines—can all be saved for when the population is reduced). All they have to do now is sit back and watch.

Lots of sinister looking fish down there, most of them familiar enough but still not as visible as before. Many places in the US still require vaccine proof. For example, many individual theatres in NYC still require proof of vaccination (these restrictions come and go, so let me know if they have subsequently been lifted).

ArriveCAN in Canada is still in place for literally no scientific reason (this may have changed recently with the surprise lifting by the CDC of many policies previously required), last I heard though Canadian citizens who are not complying are being pulled from their cars and interrogated for hours before being fined. I have read article after article about the “under the radar” (not covered in mainstream media) happenings going on in the world, mask mandates coming back to countries like Germany and Australia.

Monkeypox vaccines coming to the forefront, digital IDs breaking through legislation, talk of new variants, new viruses, etc. The surface is calm, but that’s about it. You may have to dig a little to find some of this, but it isn’t too far down there.

Think of it like a gardening project.

First comes the preparation of the garden space. Plowing, digging, tilling, turning. A huge operation. Back when I was a kid and had a garden in the country, preparing raw land for a large plot was a massively disruptive ordeal. First the land was plowed with the tractor to tear into the raw ground and turn it, then another round of the tractor pulling large cylinder discs to break up the rough plowed ground. Then you went out there with just your muscles, a pickaxe, a hoe, and a shovel and broke up everything even more, turning under fertilizer, manure, and other soil amendments.

Equate this process with the “pandemic.”

What a massive disturbance that was! Churning, turning, digging, the global populace into near hysteria. Among other things, its purpose was to build confidence in the “save the day” figures such as Fauci, Biden, Walensky, Tedros, and Trudeau and all the other wartime “Winston Churchill” types spouting sound bites to build trust, and resolve, to beat this “common enemy of the people”through personal sacrifice and fortitude. “Do what we say, and all will be fine.”

This preparation of the soil also built an illusory veneration for what the agenda called “science,” a complete and utterly false “new definition” for what became the narrative’s new religion. It also created fear: fear of the unknown, and an abnormal fear of nature itself, turning living a normal, natural life embraced in nature’s nurturing arms, into life and nature itself being the enemy and the source of abject fear.

So now the soil is prepared. The dust from the plowing and disruption has again settled. The seeds are now planted. We sit and wait with anticipation. What will sprout from these carefully planted seeds, sowed into this carefully prepared soil? What have the masses been prepared for? What will that preparation yield?—a more compliant mass, a more reliant mass, a more fearful mass, a less confident mass, a mass prepared to give up the essence of life as a human due to a prepared fear of nature, and fear of life itself?

This is certainly fertile ground for the monster the agenda has prepared for us—a monster that is very likely intended to consume us (maybe even wipe out a large portion of the world’s population), likely intended, at the very least, to control us and thus create a world to the agenda’s liking. Maybe if we were part of this elite group, we would cheer it on to success…but we are not. We are useless eaters.

So, we are in the eye of the storm.

The time the farmer sits back on his back porch and looks out over his fields and waits to see what will come of his efforts. Maybe this is a time to relax, enjoy the sun, enjoy family, enjoy life. Maybe not, maybe it is the time to prepare ourselves for what comes up in that field.

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