Saturday, July 16, 2022

New Warning: NYC Mayor Warns Residents To Be Ready For Nuclear Attack

NYC Mayor Warns Residents To Be Ready For A Nuclear Attack

According to Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, Russia could now launch a nuclear weapon at residents. Adamas said New Yorkers need to “pack a bag” and “know where your medicines are located” just in case.

“Let’s be prepared,” Adams stated, referring to a public service announcement (PSA) video that the Big Apple released the other day with advice about what to do in the event of a radioactive blast. The emergency management agency put out a 90-second PSA weeks after Russian state media claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin could wipe out the United States.

The bizarre timing of the video is raising questions, with one official simply saying: ‘We really didn’t want to put this off.”

Do the rulers know something we don’t, or is this just another distraction and attempt to panic the masses? “There are no imminent threats to the city that we know about, but we always have to be prepared as New Yorkers,” he said.

What is also strange is the language used to discourage any questions:

In the new clip released Monday, the city’s Office of Emergency Management tells New Yorkers: “So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why. Just know that the big one has hit. OK. So what do we do?” –The Daily Mail

“I’m a big believer in better safe than sorry,” he stated before the press. Because Putin invaded Ukraine, Adams went on to say, preparing for nuclear war in NYC is just “taking necessary steps.” These nuclear preparedness PSAs put out by the rulers in New York seem to be following a Russian warning from May of 2022. Russian state media issued a chilling new nuclear threat to the US, boasting that Putin could wipe out the entire East and West Coasts with just four missiles.

In response, US state media has resorted to ratcheting up the fear or using predictive programming because they know it’ll happen. Either way, it is best to use discernment, and critical thinking, and be prepared, especially if you live in areas being warned of nuclear attacks.

The Russian warning stated: “Four missiles, and there will be nothing left. They think the mushroom cloud will be taller than a high rise. That mushroom cloud will be visible from Mexico. Don’t delude yourselves. What should be said is that there’ll be nothing left, no one harbors any illusions about it, that everyone will be fine in case of nuclear war. No one will be fine, but calculate it correctly,” Alexei Zhuravlev, a member of Putin’s parliament said.

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  1. Hummm, assuming NY is gathering Intel in making their decisions, and hopefully not just more "Fear" being pushed as a well-known mantra these days, then it's best to prepare, agreed! We experienced the media frenzies at work, now is this the city that cries Wolf, again?

    Somehow, Putin being quite moody, unpredictable, and throwing a fit for reasons NOT all revealed to us, it's a possibility such an act could take place one could envision, unfortunately, in my opinion.

    On the other side of the coin, what about our money poured into known missile interceptor's, or preemptive strike before any of our America could be hit? Or just take out Putin's capabilities so we don't have any concerns for another twenty years? Not knowing any Intel or facts, only pure speculation is ours to imagine. Prayers for cooler heads to prevail regardless!!

    IMO, all this dance was avoidable, but we have folks in Washington that have been making bad choices IMO, and many other's opinions, as reputed! USA's Agenda's are not being thought through long-term obviously, right? President Trump avoided all this bantering, threats, and like him or not, USA was getting better, because look at us now, seriously? We must look goofy, inept, weak, for the Bear to be behaving so badly, in my opinion!

    Indications are all around us, will USA get a clue in time? Clean up our own backyard, use OUR own oil, coal, transportation, keep jobs here, grow our nutritious foods with saving our soil organically sprayed/kept minerals, etc..and for the love of God put those gas/food prices down! Reduced crime by this alone, and support our policemen, our Military too!

    Put climate BS, paid for Activist/Division BS, Green/taxed on BS, Globalist's visions BS, and other nonsense on the back table, it's dragging us down, non-productive IMO, and while at it, close the borders from attacks if USA/NY is really concerned, IMO! Once we all witness this, we know they had real Intel of pending attack, right?!!!!
    Left open borders for non-vetted cartels, terrorists, etc., makes no sense if crying "Wolf" inside IMO, duh! This is why it's hard to take serious when they claim the sky is falling, right? Front door locked, back doors open? So bad guys come in the back, why the posture at Airports, etc., act smarter not tardier, right?

    Closed borders avoid any suitcase nuke attacks coming across while waiting on missile as means to be inflicted, and that might be Putin's diversion possibility, USA getting sucker punched, right?? Commonsense, back to what worked, then go extend olive branches! We need a Hero, right? Head figures have to stop listening to their Technology Simulations, use their brains for strategical & tactical planning, IMO!
    Resolutions abound, pick one we insist!