Saturday, July 16, 2022

90% Of FAA Weather Cameras Along U.S. Coasts Offline As Military Aircrafts And Helicopters In Flight

What are they preparing? 90% of FAA weather cameras along US coasts were offline yesterday with lots of military aircrafts and helicopters flying over the US (video)
Strange Sounds

The FAA has shut down 90% of their east-facing cameras all across America. WHY?

Today, east coast cameras were still offf…This is really suspicious. Almost every airport has these weather cameras. And now 90% are off?

Meanwhile, somebody reported seeing lots of military helicopters flying over rural Mississippi, headed north: ‘We do maintain a flight of military helis at the local airport and an air base they train out of south in Columbus, but I’ve never seen a flight of them this big all at once haulin ass…

Also Chinooks were doing low-lying exercises in Washington?


  1. OK this is wild, had not heard anything about this till reading article. It's getting late, but discussed with an interesting friend that is curious and has strange feedback to amuse if nothing else.

    So, went like this, some believe the bad guys wanted the masses to see what appears in our skies to be an object like in flying mother ship object or UFO objects, but it's really holograms? This would, or could, be followed by mass panic & yet another Agenda to control the humans through lock-downs or whatever imagined, right? Those Covid lock-downs seemed like attempts for Marshall Law if ya think about it, creepy, right?

    So, if camera's turned off by the white hats, the masses would not see this fake ruse, and the bad guys being dealt with has begun, right? Wishful thinking, too much conspiracy theory to take seriously?

    Video here on site implies correlation to Putin's supposed ranting. But what did they not want the masses to see in the skies on camera? Who knows, the whole world and their games have gone bonkers, it's one big show, you don't need TV IMO! LOL! OH, but if something really serious was going on, like preparedness of a sorts, which any Agenda to subvert by Globalist's would be, will we soon be told a plausible answer? Stay tuned, curious now. Could been mock Military Exercises, cameras off etc., or.... OK I will give it a rest! Hope another Article explains why all the drama by Military.

    Don't have a clue, we are desensitized, populace is being groomed to accept abnormal behaviors as normal, right? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Thank-you Scott.