Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Great Reset Update: Food Processing Plants Burning Down Around The World As Europe, Australia Prepare For Food Rationing

The Great Reset Update: food processing plants burning down all over the world, as Europe, Australia prepare for fuel rationing

World Economic Forum (WEF) Founder Klaus Schwab wants humanity to “own nothing and be happy,” and to eat insects. Bill Gates, who was a close friend of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, owns more farmland than any single person or company in the United States. But instead of producing food on said farmland, Gates is financing and encouraging humanity to eat lab-created meat.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and their WEF member President Volodymyr Zelenskyyare cashing in on what has quickly revealed itself as a staged campaign with a lot of collateral damage, to accelerate The Great Reset. Ukraine has already received close to $17 billion in U.S. taxpayer “aid” since February. Now Zelenskyy is demanding an additional $2 billion per month in “emergency economic aid” from the U.S.

Russia has the second-most powerful, advanced military in the world after the United States. Russia and WEF member President Vladimir Putin could have easily crushed Ukraine into oblivion in a week or two when this whole thing started in February. But that was never the purpose of this so-called war.

The primary goals of this conflict are disruption of the global food and fuel supply chains, along with distracting the masses from the global vaccine genocide. The secondary goals are prolonged theater, enrichment of Zelenskyy (for whatever reason), and dispersing Ukrainian refugees all over the world (for whatever reason). In fact Ukraine refugees in Ireland can simply swap out their former Ukraine driver’s licenses for Irish ones with no testing or red tape. The entire scheme is working to perfection.

Hundreds of food processing operations burning down

Of course vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences. But there’s no way all these food processing plant and barn fires, along with strange new laws incentivizing farmers not to work since 2020, can’t be coincidences. It appears most of the food processing plants and farms, especially in the chicken industry, were destroyed in 2020, while the new laws took effect in 2021-22.

There are at least 20 more of these stories that could have been included. Further, a recent study commissioned by The Guardian in the U.K., concluded that Northern Ireland must get rid of 1.2 million sheep and cattle, along with 5 million chickens, to meet required net-zero carbon emissions and 50% reduction in methane emissions. As we noted last week, global food prices are at their highest points in the 32-year history of the Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) food price index.

Get ready for gasoline, natural gas rationing

We also reported last week how U.S. gas prices hit all-time record-highs on March 10. And the situation is only worsening. Hawaii hit a new state record of $5.20 per gallon of gas on March 31. Idaho broke its state record today, with gas now sitting at $4.44 per gallon. The United States doesn’t need foreign oil, and has at least five years of reserves. Yet the Biden Administration continues blaming Putin for high gas prices. The U.S. is unlikely to face gas shortages since domestic demand is down and the U.S. is now exporting oil to other countries. But the landscape is different in Europe and Australia.

Germany and Austria have moved forward with gas rationing policies on national levels. Both countries rely heavily on Russian oil and gas. Russia has been threatening countries that support Ukraine to pay for oil and gas in Russian roubles instead of euros and U.S. dollars. So far that policy has not come to fruition. But German Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, in late March, moved to the first of three stages that ends in national gas rationing. Austria took a similar first step around that time. The European Commission and the International Energy Agency (IEA) are also warning everyone in the E.U. to decrease household energy use.

The situation is even more dire in Australia. The country imports 91% of its oil for domestic use, while it exports 75% of the oil produced domestically, which of course make no sense. And now a new report by The Australia Institute says the country has only 32 to 68 days worth of gasoline in reserves if Australia is cut off from imports. The report admonished Australian policymakers for ignoring the warning signs for years. The longer the conflict in Ukraine persists, the closer Australia gets to facing the foregoing realities.


  1. Australia has the same policies as some South American countries (V). But with 90% vaccinated it is irrelevant what we die of, the important thing is that we meet our 30% carbon reduction targets with 30% population reduction by 2025.

  2. Believe in the lord Jesus Christ for he is in control. If we believe we will be save from the worst to come. He will return and put the nations and criminals in there place. We all know who they are be patient and believe in the lord he will return just as he qouted in the Bible. Please turn to Christ he is the only answer.