Monday, September 3, 2012

Time's Up

This is the headline of a recent article and it pretty much sums up the state of affairs in the Middle East. Sometimes the truth hurts and this review of the situation reveals some painful truths:

As the clock runs down and the urgency mounts, the Administration continues to douse Israel’s hopes of surviving an apocalyptic confrontation with Iran. Amid laughable claims from the White House of cooperation with Israel having never been closer, the war drums with Iran are louder than ever and the dark, threatening clouds of destruction over Israel loom ever lower. If death weren’t descending on us, I would have to get a hold of myself to stop laughing over that claim. Yes, our support of Israel is so overt, it’s covert. In fact, it is non-existent. Obama and his administration have engaged in repeated instances of disrespecting Christianity and Judaism, and Israel in particular, while openly praising and supporting all things Islam, even unto its most extreme manifestations.

As Americans are embroiled in political theater, Israel faces an existential threat with Iran.

It is coming… in July alone 70,000 gas masks were doled out and a record number of bomb shelters were sold and built. Many in Israel are renovating bomb shelters in their apartment buildings or sealing rooms, so they can provide protection in the event of biological and chemical attacks. Hmmm… Maybe that should also be on American’s to-do lists. Just sayin’. Some of Israel’s local authorities are also getting ready. In Tel Aviv, they have unveiled plans to put up about 800,000 residents in 60 underground parking lots in case of an attack. Serious business indeed.

But never fear, our intrepid leaders are on top of things – not. Unless of course you count Obama sending a diplomat from the US with Ban Ki-Moon to Tehran’s hosting of the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference this last week – I notice that didn’t even make the news. It is also being reported that Netanyahu got into a diplomatic shouting match with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro over President Barack Obama’s handling of Iran’s nuclear program, saying “time has run out” for diplomacy. Truer words were never shouted. Time’s up.

And while Israel prepares for the end of the world as they know it, Iran has doubled its nuclear development. And their good buds the Russians, are developing a sea-based space-defense system. This blog has long contended the Russkies will use Iran and the other radical Islamic countries to do as much of their dirty work as possible in a long planned for conquest. But Russia is not alone. Oh no… North Korea has made“significant” nuclear reactor progress according to the IAEA. Tick… China is the world’s new ascending military power. Tick, tick… And, wait for it, police in Bolivia confiscated around two tons of uranium found near the U.S. and Spanish embassies in the capital, La Paz last week. Geez, wonder what that was going to be used for? Nothing to see here… tick, bloody tock.

The White House and the Obama administration are using Taqiyya and are telling outright lies about cooperating with Israel to infidel Americans, while stabbing her in the back and promising the kill to Iran. They are doing this using their lap dogs, the American mainstream media, to spew propaganda that would makeJoseph Goebbels proud and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. They are playing out the clock to ensure Iran has time to fully arm and carry out their bloody jihad. Only the intentionally deaf, dumb and blind don’t see this. We are repeating horrific history.

Obama calls for more diplomacy and patience so our enemies can fulfill their nihilistic agendas, Iran came out this morning and stated that if the US attacks Syria, game on. Not only that, but Iran is going to hold a massive air defense drill in October. Honestly, do you think that is for show? When murderous theocracies speak, the world and especially America should listen.

Iran will hold a massive air defense drill in October incorporating aerial and ground forces, Iranian air defense commander Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili announced on Saturday.

Esmaili said that the maneuver will include all of the Iranian army’s air defense systems, as well as Iranian air force fighter jets, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

This proclamation came the day after the US scaled back the American-Israel military drill. Just a coincidence I’m sure. Everything you see happening is a build up to a confrontation timed around the US presidential election and a confrontation between Iran and Israel with a whole host of players including America.

“I believe the truth must be stated: The international community is not placing a clear red line for Iran and Iran does not see international resolve to stop its nuclear programme,” Netanyahu told his cabinet.

“Unless Iran sees this clear red line and this clear resolve it will not stop moving forward with its nuclear programme, and Iran must not have nuclear weapons,” he said, repeating his view that sanctions so far have not curbed Tehran’s atomic ambitions.

Senior officials in the Obama Administration sent a message to Tehran in the past few days, according to which the U.S. does not intend to join Israel's side if it decides to attack the Iranian nuclear installations on its own, reports Israel's second-largest paper, Yediot Aharonot.

According to the report, the U.S. sent the message to Iran in order to avoid an Iranian response military response that would target U.S. installations in the Gulf region.

The message was reportedly conveyed to Iran through two European countries that serve as a conduit of communication between Iran and the U.S. in times of crisis.

Nationalist newspaper Makor Rishon has accused Yediot Aharonot of working with the Obama Administration.

Israel has bigger problems than Iranian threats, MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said Sunday. Speaking to supporters in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa, he warned that internal threats to Israel’s identity are the real cause for concern.

If the government is prepared to strike Israel’s enemies, he said, it should strike Gaza. Hamas is constantly attacking Israel, he noted, telling the audience, “While you were enjoying your Sabbath meal Saturday, or going to the beach, people in Sderot had to stay close to their bomb shelters."

Israel’s most pressing concern is a lack of connection to Jewish heritage, he said. “A generation is being raised that doesn’t understand why it is here in Israel,” he declared.

Iran would take action if the United States were to carry out an act of "stupidity" and attack Syria, an Iranian military official was quoted as saying on Saturday, but the comments later disappeared from the state-linked agency website.

Assoudi did not specify exactly what steps Iran would take, but said Syria's allies would implement their joint military pact in the case of a US attack.

Iran and Syria signed a mutual defense pact in 2006, but little is known of its details, or whether there are any other signatories.

President Barack Obama is sending CIA Director David Petraeus to Israel in a hurry Monday, Sept. 3, in an attempt to quench the flames of discord between Israel and his administration on the Iran issue. He will fly in from a visit to Ankara Sunday, where too he faces recriminations for US handling of the Syrian crisis.

Israel has a double grievance over Obama’s Iran policy: Not only does his administration spare Iran’s leaders any sense of military threat that might give them pause in their dash for a nuclear weapon, but US officials are actively preventing any Israel striking out in its own defense to dispel the dark shadow of a nuclear Iran.

During the Cold War, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, watched out for apotential nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. But times have changed. Now NORAD is inviting members of the Russian military in.

This week, a group of Russian officers will train alongside their U.S. and Canadian counterparts to respond to a simulated terrorist hijacking above the Arctic Circle. One group, led by Maj. Gen. Sergei Dronov, is operating out of Norad’s HQ at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. A second will work out of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska. Still more Russian troops will operate in Russia’s far east.

“What makes this year interesting is that the Russian personnel from the Russian Federation air force are actually here at NORAD headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs,” Royal Canadian Navy Lt. Al Blondin, a NORAD spokesman, tells Danger Room.


One of the very first things I discovered when I began researching the NWO, some 4 ½ years ago, was what I call ‘way stations’. These are places that, at first glance, look like nothing out of the ordinary, but upon closer inspection, are revealed to be something far more insidious than one would suspect. They can be found anywhere, and as anyone knows, the best place to hide something is in plain sight, where it can be seen by anyone, but not necessarily recognized for what it actually is.


Caver said...

Fantastic job of putting the events together in your own words. Yep, we have promised not to use our resources, advanced weapons, or help Israel in any way.

Now, we have to consider that their Iron Dome and Patriot Missile batteries must go through "our" computer banks to coordinate detection and firing solutions. If this electronic link is included in our lack of assistance, we would have withdrawn out support of them even being able to defend themselves.

Geepers, what manner of evil and betrayal do we have in the White House?

It is truly stomach turning and gut wrenching time. Yet, it is written so it must come to pass.

We do have friends in Israel now that are at risk. They report that there is a growing realization that Obozo is not the American people and he is not their friend.

There is, however, still great confusion and misconceptions as to their risk, the threats against them, and positions of world powers with respect to their country.

Its bad folk. They need our prayer so badly.

Gary said...

If I read the news right, The U.S. will not support Israel if it attacks Iran? Wow! Israel will be on its own? Israel will be hated by the world even more by the aftermath that will result...

WVBORN56 said...

Not only that Gary but according to the one article we called Iran and told them we would not help! That is absolutely outrageous that we would aid the enemy and betray our ally.

Caver thanks for the additional input on the computer systems we have that run the defense systems for Israel. That too is beyond evil for us to turn on Israel in such a blatant fashion. If ever Genesis 12:3 were applicable to America it is now.

Can the rapture be much longer? I don't see how. We are certainly on the cusp of big prophetic events.

The irony much like Noah's day suggest the vast numbers of people have no idea what is soon coming...even most of the church filled with godly folks have little idea what's coming.

Jesus did say his return would be like a thief in the night indicating a big surprise.

Lord plese awaken people we know and love while there is still time. We also pray for the people of Israel and their leaders as they prepare for Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39. Please turn their hearts to the love of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus as the time of the chuch age winds down and the next dispensation commences. Amen

GG said...

Amen, WV! :)

Scott said...

Well stated Caver, WV and Gary.

Don't be dismayed - it HAD to happen this way and no other way. Its all part of God's plan - a plan that is very very good for us. He knew we'd see some of these things, and rather than worry or be concerned - He told us to be looking up for His return and our subsequent redemption. Its ALL good and its going to be happening soon.....We can't get alarmed - we have a wedding to prepare for!

GG said...

Hi Mr. C-

Praying for those you know who are going through more than we will even understand.

God Bless!!


Caver said...

Thanks Miss GG,
They accepted this position as a family knowing full well exactly where we are on the prophetic time clock. They know they will probably never get home again to see family and friends.

They still went, feeling as a family, that this is precisely and exactly where God wants them. He has a job for them, a big one.

Your prayers are appreciated.

annie said...

So not to set a specific date but could the coming of our Lord be next year?? Do you really think Israel would hit Iran this year? I feel they will wait til after the elections.

Alice said...

Praying praying praying...! For your friends, Caver, for Israel and Bibi, for everyone here who posts requests...

Scott, thank you for all you do here. I check in at least twice a day to watch God's plan unfold. It is truly AMAZING!

And someone mentioned our upcoming wedding... I was running errands the other day with a CD playing in my car and heard "Wedding Day" for the first time. Just want to share. Perhaps it will bless someone here today like it blessed me. Oh, Come Lord Jesus! It seems that we are sooooo close!!!

(the lyrics are below the video under "show more". I love the Bridge!)

Mike said...

In response to Annie...that is the question of the day every day! The date we wont know, but the season we will.....IMO we are in the season.

My educated guess is that Israel will not wait til the elections, and my gut says there wont be an election anyway.

My speculation is that we have celebrated our last Christmas on this planet....

Come soon Lord Jesus....

Ally said...

My words aren't flowing today so please bear with me.
I always see (right or wrong) Jesus kinda like a big brother who runs interference for me with the strict disciplinarian Dad. It may sound weird but its my interpretation. And the Holy Spirit as this super positive encouraging Mom kinda thing (you can so do this honey, and I packed 2 chocolate chip cookies in your lunch today too)
Please do not think I am being demeaning or disrespectful in any way. Believe me, I love the Holy Trinity.
But that Old Testament God scares me! He is serious business and none if us wants to be on the punishment end of that rod!
We are about to see a move of God! The Old Testament one! And it will be in defence of Israel! This is about Israel turning back to God.
Unfortunately, unless the Church in the U.S. drops to her knees in fervent prayer, we won't be so fortunate. I would love for God to intervene on our behalf.
Otherwise, our goose is cooked!
Praise you Jesus from whom all blessings flow! Our faith is in you and not man! May we walk with you and fulfill what you have called us to be and do. Keep us filled with your Holy Spirit and light our path so we will not stumble! Amen

ChristineInCleveland said...

To Mike,

In regard to what you wrote, me too, me too!! The closest I've ever experienced to this kind of "anticipation" was the last trimester before the birth of my first child. As with then, I was watching the signs of the approaching day very closely.... Didn't know the exact date of the big day, but was filled with both excitement & anxiety about how the anticipated moment would affect me in reality. Would I go thru unbearable pain, & for how long? Will we perish in some kind of atomic blast before we meet Jesus, or will I be spared that agony & be alive when the Rapture comes...? And all around me life goes on as if nothing will change in the usual yearly cycle. I simply can't get my head around the idea of what's going to happen to life as we know it in the coming weeks. And very likely in this month it early next! Really mind numbing to contemplate.... But knowing my Lord & Savior let's me live in assurance that even if I perish, I belong to Jesus... No greater comfort can be found than that! .)

Anonymous said...

AND YET, despite all the expectations of the end, stocks
are UP in holiday trading on the
futures boards.

dow up 22, still well above 13,000.

i will have to assume that there
will continue to be a NO SHOW as far
as ANY M E conflict is concerned.

If GEN 12 3 were at the door, SURELY it would show up on the dow.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

Stephen, brother...I don't agree with your association of the Rapture with the market....but

With that said though, I strongly suspect you are going to see your market dive in the next 4 months. This house of cards can't keep on, and the public is getting more and more aware of it.

Already, many banks are giving customers a hard time to prevent them from withdrawing cash over $200-$300 and not just moving money digitally.

A year or so ago, you could take possession of silver bullion coins from some custom mints within 3 weeks of the order, now its more like 12 weeks.

The public is getting educated and aware that this house of cards is getting pretty shaky and I suspect you're going to start seeing it in the waves you monitor very, very soon.

Don't get upset, its no necessary that we all agree on everything. As long as you believe in Jesus then the issue is settled. Everything else is great, but that's the basics and the imperative.

Gwenny said...

Hi! Gwenny here! From the seriousness of the headlines, as a mother I grow more anxious. Our son accepted Christ at 12 years old. Now he is sitting on the fence as a 27 year old. Somewhere along the way something has changed his mind. It breaks my heart. I know that he has to choose his own path. I'm having a hardtime trying to find the right words, afraid I will mix him up even further. Would you please join me in prayer for the Holy spirit to show him the way back. Time grows short. Prayers for all who are unsure! Thanks! Gwenny

WVBORN56 said...

Praying for your son Gwenny to return to Jesus. I have three adult children and they are all back in the fold now. I know how it grives a parent when their children stray. Only one of the three never waviered in her faith. All three went to private Christian schools and two of the three to Christian collges. I think we live in an evil age with great peer pressure and a post christian culture.

Caver said...

Miss Gwenny, rest assured of prayer from the Caver home.

As WV said, keep the faith and keep praying. God hears....He hearing is pretty great.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Prayers from me as well, Qwenny... Having a son myself, can sure understand how you must be feeling. :)

Gwenny said...

Thanks everyone! You're the best! He's a sweet kid--do anything for you. Just got on the wrong road. Momma Bear is still very protective of him! I know God is hearing your prayers for him right now. We appreciate that so very much. Yes, there is great peer pressure. Thanks for listening and for your kind words and prayers. I have to tell you tears are really coming now. Good tears! God Bless You! Love, Gwenny

Ally said...

Same age daughter. Used to believe as a child. Absolutely does not believe now. (and I can even understand why, its hard for people to understand why God would allow so much suffering sometimes) Now she is facing Cushings Disease. I will certainly pray for your son! I totally believe with 100% certainty that Jesus will bring them both in!

Gwenny said...

Thanks Ally! Means so much! I will be praying for you and your daughter. Good night to you sister! Good night everyone!

Robin said...

Stephen, futures are only up by 5 . . .and Aisian stocks are stumbling ahead of the big European policy maker's meeting. The stock market isn't going anywhere. Just remember, the most likely scenario will be a Rapture that sets off panic until the deceivers appear.

Scott, the FEMA story seems to hae vanished . . .

Robin said...

Gwenny, your son has been added to my prayer list. Only one of my four is on the verge of being saved, so please keep mine in your prayers too.

Many believe, once the Church Age ends, anyone who enters into Tribulation who heard the Good News but rejected it, will be blind to the message during the Tribulation. I want to believe otherwise, but praying more fervently than ever now . . .

Anonymous said...

Many many times I have heard on this blog about the imminent so called
return of JESUS for His church.
and yet, stocks continue to rally......BULLS continue to
command the NYSE >>>>>>

go here please >>>>

I just talked to my sister, she believes in Jesus just LIKE YOU
GUYS but she can see NO WAY that this
rapture will happen before she
dies. and she is 60 now, expects
to make it to 90.....

My sister is very smart, She works
in High tech.....i work with EWI.
with the waves...

RIGHT NOW the waves are agreeing
with my sister....

good luck on waiting for the rapture.

i hope you do NOT die waiting like
my Grandmother did.

and she died 25 years ago.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mike said...

Robin...although no one knows how it will be after the rapture.... I DO know this, there will be many, many people who accept Christ. Granted, they will pay the price, but there will be many.

Now for my opinion....which there is not a specific verse that I know of to confirm it, but I believe the deception we are are told about is not regarding loved ones of those raptured specifically....

I truly believe, knowing Jesus Christ and the Father as much as my humanity has allowed me, that those who we have witnessed to, and have prayed for, and have told the Good News to, but have not received it (except for those who have outright rejected it with no desire to understand) will be the Tribulation Saints.....

There are many we love now, who just plain dont take it seriously, and just dont understand. I have made it a point to tell those in my life, and give them information to possess AFTER the fact....and to understand that its possible they will be deceived in how that happens too (meaning the disappearance) that the minute it 'clicks' with them, that maybe they will drop to their knees and accept Christ right then and there!

I spend what seems to be hours a day praying for specific people I love in that way....and I believe they WILL believe.

I hope that you can maybe think in that direction, and get some peace from that. Yes, we want to spare them the pain, but my thought is, if they get the info now, after the rapture is better than never at all.

I pray for peace in your heart to consider this possibility...which I truly believe.

Stephen, my brother..I agree with Caver in my disagreement with any connection with the rapture and the stock market. Here's my logic....God controls everything...including the stock when He says drop, it will drop....If there is anyone out there that doesnt believe that, then I am sorry for them. I love ya brother....but I'm willing to put my safe full of gold and silver up on that bet any day....;)


WVBORN56 said...

As Harry Mason an ex-hells angel used to say, with a death threat on his head, instant death = instant glory.

Either way to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord either by rapture or by death. Both are big wins for the believer. :)

If the Lord should tarry which I highly doubt I will continue to watch and wait and long for his appearing as He has asked us to do. I will also live my life to the fullest working for Him.

Ally I will pray for your daughter also.

Robin I agree the stock market will crash when the church departs. We see in Revelation 6 that the economy is in shambles as it requires a days wages to purchase a loaf of bread.

Robin said...

Recently, I posted a link to Douglas Hamp and his fascinating theory that the Mark is DNA genetic engineering, the beast is a human hybrid and how we're being conditioned to accept aliens as a "rational" explanation for why all the Christians have disappeared. Satan knows the end is near, this particular story caught my attention . . .apparently the US Government is set to reveal some of the secret files from Area 51, later this month. Why now?

Anonymous said...

my point has been made. Argue all
you want, truth is truth....

stocks have been GOING UP for the
last 3 1/2 years, since March that correct ??

and where is the rapture ??

no sign of it.



Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

nathan said...

Rather than bashing Obama we should be thanking him , He's inadvertently making Bible Prophecy happen in front of our very eyes . (Forgive him he knows not what he does) Think about how amazing this is . Since the inception of Israel no U.S President has ever turned his back on Israel . Now that being said , The Bible says that all nations will come against Israel . Keep in mind Australia and Canada haven't turned their backs on Israel but without U.s military support neither of these countries will come to their Aid (Sorry Dave Down Under )but its true .

So , now Israel will be forced to strike Iran alone. The consequences of this will be a HUGE spike in oil and oil futures , this will in turn cause the "Very fragile" world economy to crumble (and of course turn Israel into the scurge of the world ) Everyone will then be against Israel as prophecized .

Today Hezbollah stated that even if America doesn't attack Iran we will be held responsible if Israel does ? They said that if Israel attacks alone they will still hit U.s bases in the region . So , its actually a smart chess move to put the heat on Israel . The U.s and Obama administration will blame Israel for any aggression taken against our bases if they go through with it . WOW just WOW to all that is happening .

Peace Nate

nathan said...

Oh , on a side note , I've been meaning to report this and keep forgetting . I work at the ticket counters in Asheville NC for Delta airlines so i have the chance to meet people literally from every corner of the Earth . When i have the time i pick the minds of anyone i can . Last week we had represenatives of FEMA flying to Idaho (two young guys and a young girl) . I asked them "Why are you being sent to Idaho ?" thinking they would respond with something to do about the wildfires raging all over the West . They said there was no natural disaster that they knew of and were'nt sure why they were being flown out West ? This didn't strike me as unusual because we were busy until i had gotten home and thought about it ?

Waterer said...

Brother Stephen,
I wanted to address one of the things you said:
RIGHT NOW the waves are agreeing
with my sister....

good luck on waiting for the rapture.

i hope you do NOT die waiting like
my Grandmother did.

and she died 25 years ago."

Your grandmother died in hope. She died looking forward to the fulfillment of God's promises. She died by FAITH.Your Grandmother LOVED the appearing of the Lord. For this she will receive a special crown. The crown is not for those who just happen to live at the end. It is for all the saints through the ages who have hoped in the coming of Jesus.
Hope is like light it lifts the hearts of all around it.
We hope in the coming of Jesus soon and that is a common joy for all of us.
My hope for you is that you will know more and more the deep love the Lord has for you and that His love will give you great Peace. Not fragile but enduring peace.

Robin said...

Stephen, respectfully, your point has NOT been made. As I indicated last evening, the Dow doesn't always follow Futures. Every single indicator shows stocks faltering. They MAY plunge South prior to the Rapture, but a more likely scenario would be their own weakness sends them off the cliff in the wake of a Rapture.

But here . . .we follow Biblical teachings, not charts and waves. God isn't waiting for the US Stock Market to eat dirt before sending His son to take us home.