Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vicious Circles

Invade a country ---> Destroy the country ---> "Well, we can't leave now." ---> Repeat
Government redistribution ---> Poverty increases ---> Government redistribution ---> Poverty increases ---> Repeat
Government failure --> Increase their budget --> Government failure ---> Increase their budget ---> Repeat
Republicans win --> Government grows ---> Democrats win ---> Government grows --> Repeat
Fed prints money ---> wrecks the economy ---> Fed prints more money ---> wrecks the economy ---> Repeat

There's only ONE DOOR out of these vicious cycles:

Liberty. Voluntary interactions. No aggressive force. Sound money. Free markets.

That's it!
There are no shortcuts. There are no work-arounds. There are no backroads. We either leave the vicious cycles, or we do not.
Government will continue to squeeze the life out of its citizens until (and not a moment sooner) the desire for Liberty dominates.

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