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Things To Come: Dutch Children Taken To Islamic Mosque - Told To Pray To Allah, Prof's New Book Calls For 'Marxist And Socialist' Ideas In K-12 Curricula

Dutch School Children Taken to Islamic Mosque - Told to Pray to Allah

So this is happening in Europe today.
School children from Overijssel, in the central-eastern area of ​​Holland, were recently taken to a local mosque.
And then they were told to pray to Allah.
Via Vlad Tepes.
The Italian website Il Giornale reported (translated):

The visit to the mosque was part of the project “Other cultures”. Imam Maulana Tahier Wagid Hosain Noorani warmly welcomed the children, responded in an amusing and understandable way to their questions, made them repeat the letters of the Arabic alphabet, and of course praised Islam as a religion of peace and love. 

So he showed them how Muslims pray and, almost like in a game, the children wanted to imitate him. Children and girls who submit to Islam amid the almost amused gaze of their teachers, exceptionally admitted in a mosque without a veil. 

The adults who do not participate in the initiation rite of the Islamic faith, remaining “out of the field”, but who have nevertheless sponsored and consented to surrender their children to Islam, seem to depict our decadent and relativist Europe that entrusts resigned and defeated its own future to the strength and charm of the worship of Allah and the veneration of Muhammad. 

This image could go down in history as one of the emblematic moments of the process of Islamization of Europe. 

Two years ago these children ingenuously prostrated themselves in the mosque emulating the deeds of the faithful servants of Allah. It is possible that these same children, in ten or twenty years, may return to pray in the mosques as converts to Islam or be forced to do so in the context of an Islam that is demographic, ideological and political.

Of course, a couple of the teachers are also seen praying to Allah.

In a forthcoming book, University of Washington-Bothell professor Wayne Au argues that elementary and high school teachers should incorporate “Marxist and socialist ideas” into their curricula, K-12, Campus Reform reports.
A Marxist Education: Learning to Change the World will be published on June 5 by Haymarket Books, and is authored by Wayne Au, a long-time social justice educator who teaches classes in the UW-Bothell School of Educational Studies.
Author Profesor Au belittles American education as historically shaped by “the interests of capital as well as white men in universities.” He is one of the many anti-white, white men of the hard-left. He advocates countering neoliberal ideas with a “Marxist-feminist standpoint theory.”
He sees our very rich existence in the States as “dire times”, giving us the reason for the change.
His book will help us all RESIST capitalism, white men, the U.S. President, and much more, he promises.
One of the book’s final chapters is titled, “Curriculum to Change the World: Developing a Marxist-Feminist Standpoint in the Politics of Knowledge”. In it, Au provides strategies to educators that they can adopt to teach in the Marxist tradition.
Au is active in the Communist Rethinking project, in fact he’s an editorial board member. They are a subgroup of the Teaching for Change, Zinn Project, that sees America as a hateful place. It needs to be transformed into a Marxist hellhole. The members rewrite history and then deliver their lesson plans, reading material, and parent training workshops to public schools for free. These leftists devote their every waking moment to lying about history as Stalin would have done.
The Zinn Project has a website called the Good or Good News. There’s nothing Good about it.
They will tell you that the “idea of a thanksgiving feast” stems from “pagan customs of autumnal gorging”.
These project formulators don’t like the independence and self-sufficiency accentuated by the Pilgrims either. Good says “The American mythology of rugged individualism, self-reliance, and the pioneer spirit has traveled far and, like any good myth”…”the Pilgrim, the Pioneer, the Cowboy, and the Capitalist—all heroes of this folklore—share the same narrative: go west and go alone” – all a myth.

They prefer dependence on the State and a gloomy outlook.
While no one thinks we have an untainted history, the hate America crowd want you to believe there is nothing good about the United States. They’d like us all to give the country back to the small handfuls of Indians scattered about the country, except for the land they want us to give back to Mexico that is.
For those of you who think a domestic terrorist is only someone who wants to cut off your head or who wants to blow you up, you’re wrong. It’s actually a Pilgrim, these people say.

One of the strategies in Au’s book is the adoption of “Marxist-feminist standpoint theory.”
Standpoint theory, he explains, “comes from the basic understanding that power and knowledge are inseparable.” It is predicated on an acknowledgement of how the “ruling capitalist class” shapes what children learn and are expected to learn.
“As an orientation towards understanding the world, standpoint theory thus openly acknowledges that the social location of the oppressed…is the best vantage point for understanding society because it can provide a clearer, more truthful view of how society functions,” he asserts.
Basically, he is using the least productive and most disturbed of the masses to foment rebellion through Communist education.

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