Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Staging For Isaiah 17

World War III Starts In Syria

Although all signs point to China being the first mover in the upcoming war, the war will actually begin in Syria and this is foretold by the Bible.
Given the past precedents, prophecy students wonder if an Israeli strike on Iran is not coming and will not inevitably lead to a wider Middle East war. Especially in light of a very familiar unfulfilled prophecy concerning Iran’s close ally, Syria, who is also a known sponsor of terror against Israel. The prophecy in question is the burden of Damascus s expressed in the Bible in Isaiah 17:

Isaiah 17:1 (ESV) — An oracle concerning Damascus. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a cityand will become a heap of ruins.

Damascus Will Be Destroyed Like No Other City In History

One can see from the prophecy contained in Isiah, that it refers to Damascus as a ruinous heap. What exactly is a “ruinous heap”? The use of this term clearly describes the fate of this historic city.
Consider the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which remain to this day, the only two ities every attacked by nuclear bombs called Fat Man and Little Boy.  Even though these two cities were the targets of the first nuclear weapons, these cities continue to exist to this day despite major portions of the two cities having been partially leveled.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki survived a nuclear attack, but Damascus will not. Why? There are two basic reasons:  (1) The first two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were small and less deadly in comparison to the nuclear weapons of today; (2) The bombs dropped on Japan  were detonated at a high altitudes above the cities (ie an air burst). Generally, if one has to be hit with a nuclear weapon, an air burst is decidedly more preferrable than a ground strike. An airburst produces greatly reduced fallout levels compared to ground strikes. This in large part explains why Hiroshima and Nagasaki survived as cities, while Damascus will not.  Clearly, a ground strike is in the future of Damascus.
There are so many players directly involved in the Syrian conflict that one needs a program to keep the players straight.
From Sputnik:

Multiple civilians were killed and dozens more injured in a coalition strike targeting the village of al-Sirajieh in southern Al-Hasakah governate, the Syrian Arab News Agency reports, citing civilian sources. (US) Coalition warplanes reportedly fired several missiles into the village, hitting residents’ homes….
… The US-led coalition has escalated its activity in Syria’s eastern region over the past two weeks or so, killing at least 69 civilians and injuring dozens more in the area of Dhahret al-Allouni, as well as al-Sh’afeh and al-Bahra in the Deir ez-Zor countryside.
Syrian pro-government popular militia entered Afrin last week in support of Kurdish militia forces besieged by the Turkish army and its Syrian rebel allies, who launched Operation Olive Branch earlier this year to clear the area of Kurdish YPG militia, which Ankara considers to be a terrorist group.
Also Saturday, Turkish media reported that the Turkish army and Free Syrian Army militia took control of the settlements of Rajo, Ramadiye and Hamilek, northwest and southwest of the embattled city of Afrin.

From :The Star
In recent weeks, the potential flashpoints across the Middle East have been dangerously intersecting with each other.
They include the deepening war in Syria, the risk of Israeli involvement, the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the disarray within Lebanon, the continuing sectarian conflict in Iraq and the fear that new nuclear weapons may be introduced in the region.
But magnifying the risk is what looms above all these conflicts.
In varying degrees, all are being fuelled or influenced — as a form of proxy war — by what many Middle East analysts fear is the coming showdown between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
This is not only a showdown over religion, dividing all of Islam, with Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia at the opposite ends of an Islamic rift that dates to the 7th century.

These reports don’t even scratch the surface about what is happening in Syria, except it is safe to say that the seeds for World War War III are firmly in play inside of Syria.

China has a presence in Syria, as does Turkey, Russia, Israel and the United States. This is a prescrption for disaster. Although things look bleak with regard to North Korea and the war mongering ways of China, the real fireworks will begin in Syria and it willl not end well for the people of Damascus.


Mrs.C said...

Forgive me, but once again,as has happened many times by so many, the Author focuses only on Isaiah 17:1. This focus on Verse 1 only,continues to happen, and has happened for years now. There is so much more that happens in Isaiah 17 than just the destruction of Damascus. Damascus is just the opening salvo so as to speak.
Also, this "WW3" statements that continue, are also in error, and misleading. There isn't going to be a "WW3", that is no where in Scripture.
Isaiah 17 - devastating war-Israel almost completely destroyed - Jordan & the West Bank go down - God looses His Judgements upon the nations surrounding Israel to save a "remnant" of His People -God begins His return to His People- Rapture of the Church during this time.
Ezekiel 38-39- Gog invasion - Gog destroyed - God Returns in full to His People, never to depart from them again-Restores His Covenant with them.
AC - comes to power, Tribulation begins
Tribulation - Armageddon - Return of Jesus
1000 year Reign of Jesus

Scott said...

I think the take home message is the progress and prep for the coming Isa 17 war/battle. To me the semantics of how its labeled (wwIII etc) are less relevant than the central issue of how things are staged for this scenario to unfold

Mrs.C said...

Understand Brother Scott :) However, so many folks have been labeling this coming so called "WW3" for some time now, it misleads many folks, confuses them, and God is not the author of confusion. IF folks are young in their walk, or are not studying Prophecy, they jump to conclusions that are untrue to His Word.
Example, this brief article, implies that the Isaiah 17 war, will lead to "WW3". That may be seen by some as "semantics" for those of us who are called to study Prophecy,but is misleading to a Christian who is young in their Walk, or the fence sitter & the lost.
This is a critical time, in all of time. Those who are less informed of Scripture, will take an erred statement (ie WW3 is coming) and inadvertently share it. This causes them to present a false Witness.

Again, we are at a critical time, and our priority is to the Lost, the fence sitters, before its too late. Isaiah 17 is an enormous gift from God for us to have the privilege of Witnessing in these Last Days. For example, sharing what will happen to Damascus, and all that is in Isaiah 17. That without question will happen. The Church will be Raptured at the same time as the Isiah 17 war. For those left behind, or are fence sitters,they will then know that Gods Word is True. They will have to endure the Trib, but still, by His Grace, can be Saved. For the Lost right now,the undecided, every day that goes by is a Blessing to share with them, in Scripture, what is about to happen, and lead them to Jesus....that is why is is SO important that what we share in His Word is correct.
This isnt like years past, when folks would just surmise etc, this is it...we are at that time of all times, we have the privilege, honor, and responsibility to get it right. The Salvation of Souls is at stake...