Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Headlines

The next two weeks should be pivotal for the EU and it will be very interesting to watch.

Germany, France examine radical push for eurozone integration

Germany and France are exploring radical methods of securing deeper and more rapid fiscal integration among euro zone countries, aware that getting broad backing for the necessary treaty changes may not be possible, officials say.

Germany's original plan was to try to secure agreement among all 27 EU countries for a limited treaty change by the end of 2012, making it possible to impose much tighter budget controls over the 17 euro zone countries -- a way of shoring up the region's defences against the debt crisis.

But in meetings with EU leaders in recent weeks, it has become clear to both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy that it may not be possible to get all 27 countries on board, EU sources say.

Even if that were possible, it could take a year or more to secure the changes while market attacks on Italy, Spain and now France suggest bold measures are needed within weeks.

As a result, senior French and German civil servants have been exploring other ways of achieving the goal, one being an agreement among just the euro zone countries.

"The goal is for the member states of the common currency to create their own Stability Union and to concentrate on that," German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told ARD television on Sunday.

Another option being explored is a separate agreement outside the EU treaty that could involve a core of around 8-10 euro zone countries, officials say.

Big Crisis = Big Change

"The options are being actively discussed as we speak and things are moving very, very quickly," a European Commission official briefed on the discussions told Reuters.

One source said the aim was to have the outline of an agreement set out before December 9, when EU leaders will meet for their final summit of the year in Brussels.

A senior German government official denied there were any secret Franco-German negotiations, but emphasised that both countries saw the need for treaty change as pressing and were exploring how to achieve that in the best way possible.

While EU officials are clear about the determination of France and Germany to push for more rapid euro zone integration, some caution that the idea of doing so with fewer than 17 countries via a sideline agreement may be more about applying pressure on the remainder to act.

By threatening that some countries could be left behind if they don't sign up to deeper integration, it may be impossible for a country to say no, fearing that doing so could leave it even more exposed to market pressures.

Germany, France plan quick new Stability Pact

Echoing a Reuters report on Friday from Brussels, the Sunday newspaper said the French and German leaders were prepared to back a deal with other euro countries that might induce the ECB to intervene more forcefully to calm the euro debt crisis.

The newspaper report quoted German government sources as saying that the crisis fighting plan could possibly be announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the coming week.

Again, Big Crisis = Big Change

The European Commission, the EU executive arm, put forward proposals on Wednesday to grant it intrusive powers of approval of euro zone budgets before they are submitted to national parliaments, which, if approved, would effectively mean ceding some national sovereignty over budgets.

Berlin, meanwhile, is pushing to change the European Union treaty so that a country could be sued for breach of EU budget rules in the European Court of Justice.

Le Figaro said there was resistance within Sarkozy's government to allowing France's budgets to be submitted for scrutiny by an "intergovernmental conference" in Brussels, but the president would seek to rally support for this.

A closer fiscal union could eventually pave the way for joint debt issuance for the euro zone, where countries would be liable for each others' debts.

Egyptians queue to vote in first post-Mubarak election

Egyptians queued up to vote on Monday in the first big test of a transition born in popular revolutionary euphoria that soured into distrust of the generals who replaced their master, Hosni Mubarak.

In the nine months since a revolt ended the ex-president's 30-year rule, political change in Egypt has faltered, with the military apparently more focused on preserving its power and privilege than on fostering any democratic transformation.

The first phase of voting on Monday and Tuesday includes Cairo and Alexandria. The staggered voting system means the election to the lower house will not be completed till Jan. 11. Voters pick a mixture of party lists and individual candidates.

Ganzouri said on Sunday that any parliamentary majority that emerged from the elections may move to install a new government.

Egypt: military leadership and Muslim Brotherhood join forces

A popular challenge against Egypt’s generals faltered on Sunday night as the military leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood joined forces to dismiss pro-democracy protesters as the tools of a foreign conspiracy to weaken the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has vacillated between sympathising with the protesters and siding with the military, now looks poised to emerge as the largest party in parliament when the convoluted election season finally ends in three months time.

After decades of repression, in which thousands of their members were imprisoned and tortured, it represents a stunning reversal of fortune. But the prospect of their rise to power has terrified many in Egypt. Christian Copts, who make up eight per cent of the population, fear that recent attacks on their number by both the Islamists and the armed forces will become the norm. Some say they are preparing to leave the country.

Secular, moderate Egyptians share those fears. But on Sunday, the Brotherhood’s leader, Mohammed Badie, joined the military in dismissing the protesters in Tahrir Square as agents of the West.

"US Democracy" Set to Elect Second Mideast Terrorist Party

For the second time in six years, the United States has urged Mideast elections, and for the second time, a terrorist party is likely to win.

Voting for a new parliament in Egypt began Monday, and the Muslim Brotherhood is expected to win a least a plurality if not an absolute majority.

Unlike Hamas, the United States has not designated the Brotherhood as an illegal terrorist group, but its closeness to Hamas is revealed by the fact the Brotherhood was the organization that created Hamas.

The Brotherhood and Hamas also share the same careful long-term planning for power through ”democracy” that rests behind their short-term tactics of threats of terror to take power. “This campaign for us has been 80 years long," a volunteer from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood told the British Guardian.

The Brotherhood’s motto since it was founded 83 years ago is "Islam is the solution” and that the Koran and the Prophet Mohammad are "the sole reference point for the life of the Muslim family, individual, community, and state."

The prospect of Sharia law in Egypt – and certain change for the worse in relations with Israel – will be welcomed by Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas spokesman Taher al-Nunu has said, "We have the same ethics as the Muslim Brotherhood; the principles are the same."

'Iran prepping al-Qaida for large-scale attacks'

In response to any future Israeli military strike on its nuclear sites, Iran has been training al-Qaida elements in the Egyptian Sinai desert on how to coordinate retaliatory attacks, a senior Egyptian security official told WND.

The Egyptian official said there is also information Iran has been working with Islamic Salafist groups in Jordan that are allied with al-Qaida.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards helped to train al-Qaida elements in the Sinai and Gaza Strip to carry out large-scale attacks, including missile attacks, cross-border incursions, suicide bombings and explosions targeting infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines, the official said.

Any Iranian cooperation with al-Qaida would underscore the dangers of Tehran obtaining nuclear weapons. The country has a history of using terrorist proxies, most notably Hezbollah in Lebanon, to carry out its bidding.

Iran says 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that Iran has up to 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel, according to the semi-official Iranian FARS news agency.

According to the report, Vahidi questioned threats against the Islamic Republic from the Jewish State, asking "How many missiles have they prepared themselves for? 10,000? 20,000? 50,000? 100,000, 150,000 or more?"

The Iranian defense minister also warned against an offensive by the United States, saying it would meet a hard defensive line were it to attack Iran.

"The US and its allies should know that Iran is so powerful that its battling will teach the US how to fight and what war and warrior mean," Vahidi told a crowd of 50,000 volunteer soldiers in Bushehr, a city where one of the country's nuclear power plants is located.

Arab sanctions find Syria's 7 neighbors on alert

Twenty-four hours before the Arab League Sunday, Nov. 27, clamped down sanctions on the Assad regime, the first ever against a member state, the armies of Syria's seven neighbors were already scrambling into position on standby on its borders for acts of retaliation.

Military suspense mounted after the Arab League vote to cut off transactions with Syria's central bank, withdraw Arab funding from projects and other painful sanctions over Bashar Assad's refusal to halt his crackdown on protest.

Israeli armored brigades pushed forward up to the Lebanese and Syrian borders; Ankara placed three armored brigades, its air force and navy in astate of preparedness, likewise Hizballah and the Lebanese and Jordanian armed forces, while the US and Russia are in the midst of a naval buildup opposite Syrian shores.

Ahead of the Arab League vote, Qatar and Turkey were reported to be airlifting "volunteers" from Libya to fight alongside the rebel Free Syrian Army, some also transporting weapons, whereas Russia has begun another airlift to deliver top-notch missiles for Assad's forces.

Bashar Assad cannot afford to avoid retaliating. If he does, it will be an admission that the backbone of his armed forces is falling apart and out of control.
Since there is no knowing what form his revenge will take, Israel, Jordan and most likely Turkey too were braced Friday for trouble.


Caver said...

Without regard to any one personal point of view as to reason here, it appears that the world is determined to push Syria into a corner where they have but one choice....attack Israel.

Starting this particular war appears the only alternative for Syrian leadership to try and unite his country and stay in power.

Just Wow!

And, of course, all the other powers and players are lining up to play their part.....including the US and Russia. Just huge implications from my little knothole.

Joe Agnello said...

Truly amazing! My guess is that the eventual 10-nation treaty will not only include Italy, but will be signed in Rome and will give this new smaller union a name linking it with the Roman Empire - just a guess.

Think about these developments:

1) Netanyahu publically and officially acknowledged that Ezekiel 37 has been fulfilled (many Christians already believed that since 1948, but now the Nation of Israel is acknowledging it).

2) Isaiah 19 is coming true about Egypt with specific details - the fierce king is being elected today, their natural resources are being destroyed, their economy is in the dumps (note that God mentions their fabric industry being ruined - Egyptian cotton was a major industry from ancient times until recent years and is in decline much more now since the civil war). There is constant banter between Israel and Egypt of another war, including Israel retaking the Sinai - could that be the 5 cities Isaiah spoke of? (The rest of Isaiah 19 is in the Millennium Kingdom)

3) The Isaiah 17 prophecies of Damascus seem imminent. My understanding of this chapter though indicates a difficult time for Israel that although will eventually result in their attackers being rebuked by the Lord, will also take a heavy toll on Israel. That seems consistent with Syria’s threats of invasion, as well as threats from Iran/Hezbollah/Lebanon and Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood in the event that Syria is attacked by anyone. Jordan also has been making threats against Israel. According to Isaiah 17:2, a portion of Jordan (Aroer) will be given to Israel.

4) According to Daniel 11:40-45, which I often thought of as referring to the AC but maybe not, it seems there will be a war with Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Israel “At the time of the end”. From Cairo, and including Egypt, the Arab League has recently begun threatening Syria with force. Jordan has also been verbally involved. Could it be possible that Jordan and Egypt will be the ones to attack Syria, and when Syria attacks Israel, the Arab States see an opportunity to not only put down Syria (which Daniel said “he shall come to his end”), but also finish off Israel? This could easily be the same war with Egypt spoken of in Isaiah 19, and the same war with Jordan and the Palestinians spoken of in Ezekiel 35 and in Obadiah.

5) Psalm 83 seems to indicate a Middle East war that would be consistent with all of these prophecies listed above.

6) With the new 10-nation European confederacy, they will obviously see the need to immediately put in place a peace plan after these wars, and maybe, just maybe, the security agreement Germany signed with Israel a few years ago will need to be implemented – I also happen to believe that the AC will be a German of Jewish descent, but that’s a discussion for another day. One way or the other, it seems clear that the new EU leadership will demand a peace treaty involving Israel after these wars come to pass.

7) There is a growing movement within Israel to rebuild their temple, which is reportedly already built and in a warehouse – here is the Temple Institute’s site, very fascinating: . Once a peace treaty is confirmed, it seems inevitable that a temple will be built, especially as the wars discussed above will have turned the Israeli’s eyes back towards God.

Now consider that all the other things Jesus warned would occur before He returns are indeed happening with greater intensity and frequency.

Paul urged us not to waste time, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” 2Cor6:2, more importantly Jesus commanded us, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel” Mk1:15, and then comforted us (those who have been saved through repenting from sin and trusting in Christ alone for salvation) regarding the signs of the end saying, “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near” Lk21:28.

I’m looking up!

Joe Agnello

Caver said...

Just saw the JP article titled...

"...UN report: Syria committed crimes against humanity..."

Now, that sure looks like the justification to invoke the "Responsibility to Protect" provision, and we know where that leads.

WVBORN56 said...

Joe nice post. Thanks for sharing. Our time here is indeed short.


James N Nashville said...

This just in...Explosion just happened in Iran at Nuclear testing site. Here we go. Won't belong now. Everyone keep your heads up. Here's the link

Mrs. C said...

Hi Brother Joe, :)
I have to respectfully disagree with a couple of points in your post :)
5.Psalm 83, in context, is a Prayer, not a war.
6. AC - personally, dont have much time for discussion on the AC, as we are to be looking for Jesus, not the AC. I have to though have to respectfully disagree that the AC will be Jewish.

The multiply fronted Isaiah 17 war, will quickly be followed by the Ezekiel 38-39 war, and then the beginning of the Trib. Yes indeed Brother, the Isaiah 17 war, will bring “desolation” to the Israeli people as God tells us. He also tells us why He allows this to happen to them. Isaiah 17 is God bringing Israel to nothingness, to their knees. Israel will then face invading Gog forces, and be severely wounded and defenseless before them. Only Almighty God Himself will be able to save them, and He will. At that most momentous moment in all of time, Gods Word tells us He will reveal Himself to His People, restore His Covenant with them.

Isaiah 17:3, is also the West Bank that’s going to be taken down. It isn’t until Israel is almost completely wiped out, that God Himself steps in at the end to Isaiah 17. JMHO, but I believe at this point, is when God steps in and “rebukes” these nations, could very well be the fulfillment of great Judgments against these evil nations surrounding Israel.
Ezekiel 25 – Jordan-Gaza
Ezekiel 26 – 28 Lebanon
Ezekiel 29 - 32 Egypt

Joe said "especially as the wars discussed above will have turned the Israeli’s eyes back towards God."

More so Brother Joe, it is Almighty God who has returned, restored His Covenant with His People through these wars. By the end of Ezekiel 38-39, we Brother, the Church will be gone! Praise God Forever!
God Bless You!

Mrs.C said...

Millennium - can't happen till the Second Coming, because that's when the Lord returns to establish it
The Second Coming - can't happen till the end of the Great Tribulation. And that can't happen till the anti-Christ stands in the Temple in Israel declaring himself to be God. (2 Thes. 2:4) That's the event Jesus warned Israel to look for as the Great Tribulation's opening trigger. He called it "The Abomination of Desolation" in Matt. 24:15-21.

But that can't happen till there's a Temple. There hasn't been a Temple in Israel since 70AD and there won't be one until the Jewish People decide they need one. That won't happen until God reinstates their Old Covenant relationship, signaling the start of Daniel's 70th week. And that can't happen till the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 is won, because it's Ezekiel's battle that officially draws the Jewish People back to God. (Ezek. 39:22) And that can't happen till the Church is gone, because the Church and Israel are mutually exclusive to Him. (Romans 11:25 & Acts 15:13-18) Bringing us to the present, because there is no event that has to happen for the Rapture of the Church. It could happen at any time. :)

Joe Agnello said...

Hello Mrs. C, at least a few things we agree on - the Church will be gone when God restores His covenant (whether before or after the Ez 38 war, I don't know - I do believe in pre-trib rapture though).

I also agree that Psalm 83 is a prayer - but it seems to be a prayer in response to a conflict.

And I strongly agree with you that it will be God alone who causes Israel's eyes to turn back towards Him. Thank you for bringing that out. To understand eschatology, we need to understand why God is allowing these things to happen to His chosen people. He allows these wars to come against Israel for the purpose of causing them to fall to their knees in humility, and then to repentance and faith in their Messiah, Jesus!

I agree that we won't be here to see that, but what a joy it will be when Israel is grafted back in!

Again, thanks for making that point - it isn't the wars themselves or people who will cause Israel to turn back to God. It's God Himself who will do it, albeit through these difficult events.

Mrs.C said...

Yes indeed Brother Joe, there is a tendency to view these events through our earthly place, instead of seeing Gods Purposes. :)

And yes indeed Brother, Psalm 83 is a Prayer, and God answers that Prayer with Isaiah 17. :)

The Prayer
Psalm 83:13
13. O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.

The Prayer Answered
Isaiah 17:13
13. The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

By the end of Ezekiel 39 Brother Joe, God has revealed Himself to His People once again, after thousands of years, He says He is back, in full covenant with them, never to leave them again. It brings tears to my eyes, for us to be so privileged to read His Word, His most beautiful conversation with them.
Ezekiel 39:29
29.Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD.

To know, that before all time, He knew each of us by name…while we were in our mothers wombs…that He had the confidence in each one of us to allow us to be born into this very time…the edge of time…when we so humbly have the great privilege to Witness His Word being fulfilled before us….to be a Witness for His Son! Its overwhelming sometimes, such the fullness of His Joy! We Love You and thank You Forever Father, for such Grace…for Your Son…for Your Holy Spirit!
God Bless

Joe Agnello said...


gearedup2go said...

Joe, you presented some interesting comments and you have stated your opinion succinctly and it gives one something to consider. : ) Your opinion is just as valid as MrsC so please don't apologize for your position. Truth is, we can only speculate as to what ethnicity the AC will be.

Jack Kelly presented this article that MrsC echoes in her response to the countdown to the events leading to the rapture of the Church.

And as to the Iranian nuclear weaponry that is amassing against Israel, apparently A-jad didn't get the memo regarding Isaiah 54:17 NKJV:

17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the LORD.

Anonymous said...










current wave counts are suggesting

possible BULLING back to 13,000

on the dow.....


gearedup2go said...

James reported the explosion at the Iranian nuclear testing sight. I'd like to think it's a Jihadi work accident.

Mrs.C said...

Hi GU, :)
Forgive me, but I dont believe Joe was apologizing for his point of view; we are just having a respectful discussion. :) I respectfully disagreed, and which is not “invalidating” what Joe stated. His Word, is our source. :) Yes indeed, the Jack Kelly article is one of Scotts favorites from long ago! :)
God Bless You Sis!

DrNofog said...

No Stephen, you haven't been "right".

You've been off the mark for at least a year fear-mongering of an imminent crash of gold!

You still believe the E.W. fantasy that "Public Mood" drives the market when it's the IBC controlled media that drives and whip-saws the public back and forth with their 'insider' rumors and then fear-mongering.

The ONLY thing that the public mood drives is the wrath of God for their rebellion against Him!

It has already been noted here that the IBC has been manipulating gold prices for decades for their own goals.

You still don't understand how the IBC really works, the "Fractional Reserve" scam, and how they "create" money out of thin air, which gives them unlimited wealth & power over every nation.

They own and control all the economies of the world and are funding every effort to create the NWO, so of course they're going to keep the crises coming that they deliberately create towards the NWO goal.

Again, in no particular order:
"...this is an **economic/financial** "crisis" that the IBC has created..."

"...the Illuminati/IBC is 'telegraphing' their intentions...History---> 1929 Stock market crash..."

"...the Fed was NEVER created to help America, but rather, to control and destroy US..."

"...was commissioned and funded by Mr. Rothschild for a means of subverting..."

Caver said...

The first explosion/accident a. few weeks accident...maybe, believable.

The second just after that...well, a stretch here...but maybe. Make that a stretched maybe. Could be an inherent problem.

Now, a a nuclear facility. Ain't buying the accident story, especially with the actual pictures and initial story put up. Sounds, to me, like the war has already started but on the low intensity local sabotage level. If so, it won't wait too long to go "hot" IMHO.

Sounds and seems to me that Israel is starting to soften things up a bit and will probably carry it forward as far as possible before Iran forcing it to the next gear. Iran is being forced into the "use it or loose it" corner....a nasty place to be locked into. Hands are being forced.

Add to it....on Glen Beck this morning they quoted from a few articles saying that Europe has 10 days, at the most, to either find and announce a cure or the whole thing is going to implode economical. That is before Christmas if correct.

Again, sounds like the economy and the ME are in lock step.

Joe Agnello said...

One thing I want to add. It really looks like Syria is about to get invaded . I think it's safe to presume that many unsaved people are about to die.

So many of us get really excited when we start seeing these prophecies come to pass because we know that it means we are closer to the Lord's return. However, let's not lose sight of the fact that many people will enter Hell for eternity when they die in the war we might be about to see. Lets pray for people to get saved through this.

We know God uses all things for the good of those who love Him, and we know that God wants us to pray even though these things are preordained. So now is the time to pray for people to get saved through the horror that is coming, and that we will glorify Jesus for that salvation.

Mrs.C said...

Amen Brother Joe, Amen!
Truly, Im amazed that we, the Church, are still here! As you say Brother Joe, we need to Pray greatly for the Salvation of the lost! Should the Lord tarry, the destruction of Damascus, and the enormous death and destruction to come with this war, would be a solid Witnessing tool for the Truth of His Word. However, the Witness for this event will not be easy, and I would expect persecution for it.
The population of Damascus alone is over a million people I believe, and Gods Word says they will be gone in less than a day!
And that doesnt even include all of the death and destruction with the close surrounding nations, and Israel. How to even process all of that! The "world" will not understand Christians sharing in the Truth of His Word...
God Bless!

DrNofog said...

This was also at Debka: "Syria goads Turkey by attacking towns along their border".

It's like a red flag to a bull: "Bring it on, dudes!! -a real death wish, but then again, what else would you expect from the Brotherhood of Darkness.

For some strange reason I keep thinking of the things that don't fit, and that the US/Russian show of force are not going to have any "exchanges", rather just agree to sit this one out, monitor and exchange intel with their respective proxies, and make sure nothing goes astray from "the Plan"...

gearedup2go said...

MrsC, I agree that Psalm 83 is a prayer, but it's of a war as well. Joe posted, "5) Psalm 83 seems to indicate a Middle East war that would be consistent with all of these prophecies listed above." The operative word is "seems". So in that regard I agree with Joe. So why correct him in his impression of the Psalm? He's not making a dogmatic assertion.

I find it amazing that Muslims are converting to christianity in record numbers. I've often wondered if many will still be coming to Christ when the Church is removed.

gearedup2go said...

Eye witnesses claim 'unusual' movement of Israeli missiles


Expected Imminently said...

Joe doesn't post very often, but past experience proves him to be an intelligent adult who is more than capable of speaking up for himself, just as he has done in this instance.

Mrs C has good reason to caution over Psalm 83 and is also an intelligent adult. Any misunderstanding was amicably dealt with immediately by both parties.

Joe or Mrs C are not adolescents that need a third party to speak for them, which of itself can be unnecessarily inflammatory. We can agree or disagree with a comment but giving officious correction where none was warranted is akin to waving a red rag to a bull and often the cause of strife and contention.

Dave down under said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Scott said...

You guys have already posted most of the updates on this comment thread, but for those who don'r read the comments I'm goinhg to go ahead and post them anyway ! You guys got the scoop on me today!

Anonymous said...

Not a fair statement Dave. Don't put all women in the same category. There are some men who have a need to be right all the time as well. :-)


Dave down under said...

Yea I know Kathleen my appologies to all good people out there and yourself. Some things really get in my goat! I've said enough.

Scott can you please delete my previous post?


Caver said...

Hi Dave, you can trash it yourself if you're signed in. On the bottom left of your post you should see a trash can. Just click on it.

The trash can only appears to you on your post. Well, that's the way it is on mine.

gearedup2go said...

EI, so why are YOU stirring the pot? tag team with another member here to drive home your point and have done so on SEVERAL occasions.

Dave Down Under, you must have several daughters who outnumber the men in your home, no? ;-)

Scott, I have a feeling you're going to be busy posting breaking news of the ME as we approach December. So much seems to be converging at the same time.

Scott said...

I thought it was pretty funny myself, but I deleted it for ya ! :)

Kathleen said...
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Dave down under said...

GU, 5 daughters and 2 sons and boy does my wife and me have some sparkly talks with the girls. The Girls are like me and the boys are like their mum.

Thanks Scott but it's not the sought of thing I want to delve into.


DrWho said...

Joe- Great point. It is exciting to live in these interesting times. I guess it would have been great to have been on the ark with Noah too, except for the destruction going on outside. We do need to keep perspective that a lot of very bad things are happening. These are the birth pains leading to eternity in Heaven for us all, but the storm clouds are here.

Expected Imminently said...

Because GU, you are bypassing the subject of the comments and are getting personal again, and that is NOT getting a point home geared, that’s being a muck stirrer for the pleasure you get out of it. Your words emulate a snooty ‘nose in the air attitude’ to dispense your judgment then rudely turn your back to speak to another poster in the same breath.

This is being deliberately divisive and spiteful – the act of a playground bully. It’s an attitude I thought you had dropped – obviously not.

That’s me said, so as before, I shall let you have the last wordS.

DrNofog said...

I don't see it that way.

I think several of y'all have ramped it up from a nothing and should drop it back down again.

...Not able to sleep yet cause of things...

Anonymous said...

Having 5 girls, plus your wife, I guess that's a good representative sample of females. :-)


gearedup2go said...

Dave, you and Scott have something in common~you're both outnumbered by the wimmin folk. ;-)

Expected Imminently said...

Hello DrNofog
There is no argument from me that I can give as good as I get! Being bullied in life does one of two things, it either makes one cowed, or it builds a backbone.

However, the reasoning behind my post had nothing to do with the acceptable disagreement of posters over a particular issue; rather it concerned the chastisement and the ‘putting down’ of Mrs C, when all had been dealt with successfully between Mrs C and Joe. They had ended up in agreement anyway.

So why did anyone at all feel the need to stir up a secondary situation by being officious and taking sides when there was none to be taken?

It wasn’t necessary imo; and as this attitude has also been recently directed toward me, I decided to take a stand against the re-emergence of this fractious trait. It is not a problem that you do not agree with me as, in this particular situation, it is not an issue of doctrine which as you know, is not open to personal interpretation.

More importantly, I have popped in with the hope to see that there is an improvement in your wife’s condition. Please do keep us updated.

God bless you both and all the family.

gearedup2go said...

Rather than dwell on the past, I'm moving forward with Scott's latest blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Please let your differences go! Don't let personal grievances turn people away from this site and hearing God's Word !!! Anon

DrNofog said...

Scott said "...DAVE, I thought it was pretty funny myself, but I deleted it for ya!..."

Well, if Scott thot it was funny, it maybe sorta coulda been... ..somewhat... ..can't tell with him sometimes...

Obviously, I got back here too late to find out what all the yuk-yukings were all about...other than a bunch of deletions... ...don't suppose anybody bothered to save me a copy... :(

And then Kathleen got sucked into the "This post has been removed by the author" thingy. But then again, based upon some of the comments, maybe we should all practice this concept more often...

This post should have been removed by the author.

DrNofog said...

This post has been removed by some other author.

DrNofog said...

This post haa-haa-haas been re-re-removed by Max Headroom.

Bwaaaaaaa Haaaa haa ha! I crack myself up!!

Sorry Scott, just a little levity for the times...

Scott said...

Technically, I'm not outnumbered by the women - at least at my homestead...With the 3 male dogs and the two male cats, that adds to my home number bringing the male # to 6.....One female cat, the wife and daughter only = 3 females.....The males rule at my house :)
(disclaimer: The males rule ONLY in number. Nothing else.....)

Scott said...

Those are actually some good ideas DrNo :)

"The post should have been removed by author"....

I can get behind that one occasionally :)

DrNofog said...

And of course, the Max Headroom one would be totally lost on anyone who never saw the TV series!
[wunder if they have any YouTubes of him...?]

DrNofog said...

These posts will soon be removed by Bad O-man's thot-cops.