Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Katyusha Fire On Israel: Warning From Syria?

Debka has an interesting analysis on the rocket volley that came from Lebanon on Tuesday:

Katyusha fire on Israel was Syrian warning. Turkey ready for any scenario

DEBKAfile's military sources report that the four-Katyusha rocket volley from S. Lebanon which hit Galilee in northern Israel in the small hours of Tuesday, Nov. 29, was initiated by Hizballah commanders in South Lebanon although it was claimed by the al Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

Hizballah activated a Palestinian cell it controls in the Ain Hilwa refugee camp near Sidon on behalf of its ally in Damascus, arming the cell with the rockets and marking out their firing positions and targets in Israel's Galilee.

One Katyusha blew up near the border, two inside a Galilee moshav damaging a hen coop and a fourth in a wood outside Maalot, causing damage but no injuries.Israeli artillery returned the fire.

Officers in the IDF northern command familiar with the terrain across the border, assert that those firing positions are located in a sector under Hizballah's exclusive control. It is off limits to any outsiders without the Iran-backed Shiite group's permission and knowledge.

IDF sources read the rocket attack as the Assad regime's last warning to the US, fellow NATO members and Gulf nations that Israel would be first to pay the price for their planned intervention in Syria.

It would trigger a Lebanese-Israel border clash followed by a massive rocket assault on Israel. More Katyusha incidents are therefore to be expected to emphasize the message.

It gets even more interesting:

Monday, Nov. 28, DEBKAfile reported a group of military officers from NATO and Persian Gulf nations had quietly established a mixed operational command at Iskenderun in the Turkish Hatay province on the border of North Syria:

DEBKAfile military sources report exclusively that the Western-Arab intervention in the Syrian crisis is in an advanced state of operational planning.

It entails a buffer zone in northern Syria encompassing beleaguered towns, primarily Idlib, Rastan and Homs - but also Aleppo, Syria's largest city (2.5 million mostly Sunni and Kurdish inhabitants). The protest movement never caught on in Aleppo, home to the moneyed classes who run the country's financial and trading sectors, and it was confined to the highway network feeding the city.

Therefore, for the Assad regime, bringing Aleppo into the "humanitarian corridor" system under foreign military control will round of the damage caused by the economic sanctions approved this week by the Arab League.

Losing Aleppo will fatally hammer the economy into the ground and rob the Syrian ruler of funding for sustaining his military crackdown to wipe out the unrest in the areas remaining under his control.

Aware of this threat, Foreign Minister al-Moallem accused the Arab League of declaring economic war on Syria.

If Assad isn't desperate now, he will be soon.

It is possible that his threats against Israel were just that - threats. He may have been bluffing all along. However, if he intends on attacking Israel as a last act of desperation -he will most likely do it soon, as his time is growing short.


DrWho said...

Assad has been tolerated by other Muslim countries as he has been an enemy of Israel. He is neither Sunni or Shia, he is an Alawite which is seen as false Islam. The ruling class is mostly Alawite as well, kind of like their version of the 1% vs 99% going on here.

Alawites celebrate Christmas, Easter and believe Jesus was a divine manifestation along with Mohammed. They are kind of like Chrislam in reverse. Many homes of Alawites are even decorated with pictures of the Virgin Mary.

We will soon use our military to purify Syria and rid it of these heretics and put real Muslims in charge.

Don't forget the Congo, we are sending troops to fight the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army). The LRA are bad people, but we are helping to purge the non-Muslims there too.

Don't forget our war in the 1990's when we backed the Muslims in Central Europe. Yes, Serbs did bad things too, but we picked the Muslims then too.

Libya, Iraq, Bosnia, Congo, Yemen, Palestinian Authority; American foreign policy has been building radical Islam, not fighting it.

Caver said...

Dr No, very interesting connection at the end there....connecting dots I haven't seen before but you're dead on. We have been building radical Islam....for decades now.

So, its either by chance...which nobody believes...or its by plan. If its by plan, then someone sees an advantage there or has some way of using a radicalized Islam....wonder whose large plan this fits into? A plan at least 20 years in the making...and probably more like 40. And I'm thinking specifically Henry K...the globalist and our former Sectary of State who allegedly made all the oil agreements way back when.

Going back a birthday or two before that....Albert Pike who published his understanding of the plans ahead and at least 3 world wars to achieve it.

Interesting times.....

ON a separate note....maybe time for a "Wife update".

gearedup2go said...

This just gets curiouser and curiouser.

Alice said...

DrWho, that is VERY interesting. Thanks!

Yes, DrNo, please let us know how your wife is! Continuing to lift her in prayer!

Mike said...

I'm not sure if the intent is necessarily about building radical islam as it is ridding the world of 'difficult' leaders. Seems interesting to me that all of the overthrown, and soon-to-be overthrown dictators would most likely have no part in handing over the keys to the world to someone with more authority than them.

With these problematic authoritarians out of the way, it seems to pave the way for one man to have a much easier and smoother transition into world power.

Just observation from a daily visitor who just doesn't post as often as all of you.... ;)

gearedup2go said...

Mike, thanks for joining in the discussion and please post more often!

DrNofog said...

Re: wife's condition.

You hafta understand, we're on the west coast and the Drs over here don't get outta bed til about 9am and then they'll look at the test results from yesterday after they have some coffee and stuff, so it'll be a couple hrs more before they tell us anything.
Thanx for your continuing prayers.

DrWho said...

You can actually add Afghanistan 1980s to the list as they were a Soviet puppet secular state and we sided witht the Mujahedin and aided Islamists in fighting. These Islamists later became Al Queda. These same fighters saw action in Serbia and more recently Libya, soon to appearing live on stage in Syria.

When you ask who is planning all of this, I would have to suggest Satan. I do believe that Satan can influence (tempt) our leaders into making choices that serve his purpose.

Someone once said that diplomacy is making "good deals" with "bad people".

If you go back a little further in time, we threw the Shah of Iran under the bus and allowed the Islamists to take power there as well.

If you look at a map of Africa and the ME, many of the Islamist countries today were Soviet controlled/influenced from the 1950s until their collapse.

Russia and Eastern Eurpoe has a different and more bloddied history with Islam than America. Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) impaled invading Islamists for the most part. The Communists were equal opportunity oppressors when it came to religion. When Soviet influence was removed from these areas, Islam grew unchecked.


Pray. Do not expect the powers that be to halt a movement that they have been fostering. IMHO

Mrs.C said...

Brother No,
Still lifting your wife and youself up to Him in Great Prayer!
God Bless You Both!

Mrs.C said...

Islam has been infiltrated by Nazism for decades...the same recycled evil, just a different name.
As for the folks planning and scheming, the can plan and scheme all they want, in the presence of Almighty God, they are laughable!
No one, no mere human being, can undo His Plan! God is allowing these so called "moderate" dictators to be overthrown, and replaced with even worse pure evil.
He is brining forth the deepest of evil, and then they will all be destroyed. Hardened hearts, just like Pharaoh and we know what ended up happening to him...

DrNofog said...

They haven't said anything, so useful info as yet, other than they're going to keep her another day.
Thanx, all!

DrWho said...

Mrs. C- I get your point, but Islam is evil by definition as is Hinduism, Taoism or any other false religion; the followeres all end up in the same Hell. Islamists cause more suffering for others here on Earth than the average Hindu :-)

DrNofog said...

Well said!! you are so correct in your assessment of how our ungodly "Public Serpents" have betrayed us and bled US into funding the finalization of APs 1871 Satanic vision mapping out WW3...

Are you also a student of Dr.Stuart Crane??

Comment: "...Islam has been infiltrated by Nazism for decades..."

No, Satan doesn't infiltrate Satan, just as Jesus pointed out to the Pharisees!!

With all of the info that God keeps revealing thru these end time internet expose`s, like the Islamic/RCC connections, and other similar postings, the **serious** Biblical students of world history know that Satan likes to keep all of the offspring of Mystery Babylon as *seemingly* separate, and *unassociated*, yet all working in concert together.

As noted before, John Stormer began to "see" that **"the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts"**, that there was something much larger, something unseen that was giving a commonality to all these various, clearly unassociated, unlinked, groups that, yet all, seemed to be striving towards a "One World government" and the destruction of US as a necessary step!

DrNofog said...

"...- but above all IT IS SPIRITUAL.'
"America is losing the economic, social, diplomatic and strategic battles with communism because the traditional spiritual leaders of the nation - the churches and the clergy - are largely committed, knowingly or unknowingly, to the communist side..."