Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Much Longer?

That title above summarizes how many of us feel on a daily basis, as we read the news.

Lets face it - the world hovers right on the brink, in so many different ways:

- The Middle East, which is just on the brink of completely blowing up (Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon. Gaza, West Bank, Turkey, etc. - all on the brink)

- The EU, as we watch its transformation (ultimately into the "10 Kings") and financial crisis growing rapidly to the point of no return

- The world's economy and financial "system" which seems headed for collapse

- Threats to the physical world - via earthquakes, volcanos, supervolcanos, comets, radiation, sun spots - you name it

- Nuclear proliferation among terrorist states and groups

- The rise of radical Islam, particularly among the countries who are destined to attack Israel in biblically described battles

And on and on it goes. So many tipping points and all approaching the end game.

The question on the minds of prophecy watchers becomes "how much longer can these insurmountable problems continue before this world self-destructs"?

And -

"How much longer before a 'world-savior' shows up and appears to have tangible solutions to these problems?"

Of course, lurking just beneath these questions is the 'real' question, the most important question, which is "How much longer before God removes His Church, as promised?"

Today's news serves to underscore the above.

In this video, Nigel Farage points out some painful truths:

Nigel Farage: EU Dictatorship Dominated by Germany Replaces Elected Leaders

The EU on the brink:

Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns

Greece has seen several outbreaks of civil disorder as its government struggles with its huge debts. British officials think similar scenes cannot be ruled out in other nations if the euro collapses.

Diplomats have also been told to prepare to help tens of thousands of British citizens in eurozone countries with the consequences of a financial collapse that would leave them unable to access bank accounts or even withdraw cash.

Analysts at UBS, an investment bank earlier this year warned that the most extreme consequences of a break-up include risks to basic property rights and the threat of civil disorder.

“When the unemployment consequences are factored in, it is virtually impossible to consider a break-up scenario without some serious social consequences,” UBS said.

Bankers Have Seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over

Who will rule the New Europe? Obviously, the private European banks and Goldman Sachs.

The new president of the European Central Bank is Mario Draghi.

This person was Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of Goldman Sachs’ Management Committee.

Draghi was also Italian Executive Director of the World Bank, Governor of the Bank of Italy, a member of the governing council of the European Central Bank, a member of the board of directors of the Bank for International Settlements, and a member of the boards of governors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Development Bank, and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board.

Obviously, Draghi is going to protect the power of bankers.

Just as an unelected banker was installed as prime minister of Italy, an unelected banker was installed as prime minister of Greece. Obviously, they are intended to produce the bankers’ solution to the sovereign debt crisis.

The European Union, just like everything else, is merely another scheme to concentrate wealth in a few hands at the expense of European citizens, who are destined, like Americans, to be the serfs of the 21st century.

Syria on the brink:

The "Free Syria Army": Placard-Waving Protesters are actually Machine Gun-Wielding Terrorists

The “Free Syria Army” is literally an army of militant extremists, many drawn not from Syria’s military ranks, but from the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying heavy weapons back and forth over the Turkish and Lebanese borders, funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey.

How predictable is this? Just like Egypt and Libya, we are watching yet another takeover of a Middle East nation by radical Islam; "coincidentally", also part of coalitions which will attack Israel in the near future. How interesting, no?

Just as in Libya where these so-called “peaceful protesters” turned out to be hordes of genocidal racist Al Qaeda mercenaries, led by big-oil representatives, fighting their cause upon a verified pack of lies, so too is Syria’s “pro-democracy” movement which is slowly being revealed as yet another militant brand of extremists

U.S. carrier strike force enters Syrian waters. Russian carrier en route

The Syrian crisis aassumed a big power dimension this week with the build-up of rival United States and Russia naval air carrier armadas in Syrian waters

By deploying 70 ship-borne fighter-bombers plus three heavy guided missile cruisers and five guided missile destroyers opposite Syria, Washington has laid down military support for any intervention the Arab League in conjunction with Turkey may decide on.

Bashar Assad can see for himself that Washington has hoisted a nuclear aerial umbrella to protect its allies, Israel, Turkey, and Jordan, against the retaliation his armed forces high command pledged Friday for the deaths of six Syrian air force elite pilots in an ambush Thursday.

For some time, Ankara has been weighing the creation of a protected haven for rebels and refugees inside Syria.

France has proposed slicing "humanitarian corridors" through Syria for them to flee safely from military tank and gunfire and secure supply of food, medicines and other essential supplies to the cities under army siege.

Both plans would depend on being safeguarded by substantial ground and air strength inside Syria which would certainly face fierce resistance from Assad's military.

We cannot forget Assad's threats against Israel if any "outside intervention" occurs with Syria:

The Arab League has scheduled weekend meetings to decide how to proceed after Damascus ignored its Friday deadline for accepting hundreds of monitors.

The Russian Kuznetzov carrier and its accompanying strike vessels will join the three Russian warships parked opposite Tartus for more than a week. It will enter the same Syrian offshore waters as the USS Bush and the US Sixth Fleet, which is permanently posted in the Mediterranean.

A region on the brink:

The Syrian crisis is therefore building up to a superpower face-off unparalleled since the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union ended in the nineties, DEBKAfile's military sources note.

While Washington clearly stands ready to back operations against the Assad regime, Moscow is drawing a red line around his presidential palace in Damascus. The Kremlin is warning the US, NATO and the Arab League that they will not be allowed to repeat their feat in Libya of overthrowing Muammar Qaddafi against Assad.

And more importantly, we see this:

In the face of this escalating big power standoff and the high possibility of the Syrian ruler deciding to lash out against his country's neighbors, the Israeli, Jordanian and Turkey armies have declared a high state of war preparedness.

Iran on the brink:

'Tehran will retaliate against Israeli strike'

Iranian military official tells ISNA Islamic Republic has capability to attack Israeli nuclear facilities in case of strike, says Tehran's enemies' threats are empty.

Iranian military official Yadollah Javani warned on Saturday that Tehran would retaliate against an Israeli strike by attacking Jerusalem's nuclear facilities.

In an interview with the ISNA news agency, Javani said that Iran does possess the capability to target Israel's nuclear centers.

The report comes two days after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that relations were being expanded with some Arab countries, adding fuel to speculation that the countries in question were cooperating with Israel to combat Iran.

During a press conference with visiting Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, Netanyahu said at the end of his brief welcoming remarks, “We welcome the fact that we have the ability to expand these newfound friendships – by the way, in the region, as we discussed with some of the countries, the Arab countries, but also outside the region by tightening the bonds [with Romania] that are natural for us.”

He did not elaborate on which newfound friendships he was referring to among the Arab countries.

Asked about this comment, one government official said that “because of the Iranian nuclear threat, we have had contacts recently with countries in the region who share our concern.”

Iran general threatens retaliation against Israel nuclear sites

An Iranian general on Saturday threatened retaliation against Israel if any of its nuclear or security sites are attacked.

"If Israeli missiles hit one of our nuclear facilities or other vital centers, then they should know that any part of Israeli territory would be target of our missiles, including their nuclear sites," General Yadollah Javani of the Revolutionary Guards told ISNA news agency.

Iranian political and military officials have warned Israel that it would face retaliation from Shahab-3 missiles that can reach any part of Israel.

Iranian volunteers affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards have held several gatherings in recent days and vowed a harsh reply to any military attacks on nuclear sites.

And lets not forget pestilences:

Man-made super-flu could kill half of humanity

A virus with the potential to kill up to half the world’s population has been made in a lab. Now academics and bioterrorism experts are arguing over whether to publish the recipe, and whether the research should have been done in the first place.

The virus is an H5N1 bird flu strain which was genetically altered to become much more contagious. It was created by Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who first presented his work to the public at an influenza conference in Malta in September.

Researchers in Fouchier’s team used ferrets – test animals which closely mimic the human response to influenza – and transmitted H5N1 from one to another to make it more adaptable to new hosts. After 10 generations, the virus had mutated to become airborne, which means ferrets became ill from merely being near other diseased animals.

A genetic study showed that the new, dangerous strain had only five mutations compared to the original one, and all of them were earlier seen in the natural environment – just not all at once. Fouchier’s strain is as contagious as the human seasonal flu, which kills tens of thousands of people each year, but is likely to cause many more fatalities if released.

"I can't think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one," Paul Keim, a microbial geneticist who has worked on anthrax for many years, told Science Insider. "I don't think anthrax is scary at all compared to this."

Many academics and biosecurity experts are naturally cautious about releasing information which could provide any bioterrorist with a ready recipe to hold the world to ransom. Some argue that such work should never have been done in the first place and call for international monitoring of potentially harmful research.

"It's just a bad idea for scientists to turn a lethal virus into a lethal and highly contagious virus. And it's a second bad idea for them to publish how they did it so others can copy it," believes Dr. Thomas Inglesby, a bioterrorism expert and director of the Center for Biosecurity of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The world is undeniably hovering just on the brink. When the "restrainer' is removed, things are going to get very interesting.

One cannot view the daily news without the thought "when will a leader emerge - a leader who can lead the world out of this mess?"

After all, it is a big world - one would think that someone would emerge who would seemingly offer solutions to the world's problems.

Such a leader will emerge.

Biblical prophecy informs us of this fact. The antichrist is alive and well at this very moment, and he must know that his time has nearly arrived. But first, we know that the Church will be removed prior to his rise to power. However, with the world on the brink of collapse, his time is short.

And if that is so (as it appears to be) - then the time left on this earth for Christ's bride, aka "The Church" is also becoming very short.

These dots are easy to connect. The wrath is approaching rapidly, and we have been informed that we will not be part of this approaching scenario. All we have to do is read the prophetic scriptures:

Our orders:

" wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead - Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath" (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

Our promise:

"Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world..." (Revelation 3:10)

God's plan:

"For God did not appoint us to suffer this wrath, but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Thessalonians 5:9)

Simply put - we won't be here for this rapidly approaching wrath - aka, the Tribulation. This wrath is unequivocally approaching very rapidly.

That can only lead to one conclusion: Jesus will come for His bride very soon. Period. These dots are easy to connect.

The very last words in the Bible summarize our feelings:

"He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon.'

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people.



Alice said...

Okay, the flu thing gives me the hee-bee gee-bees...


gearedup2go said...

I think about standing in awe before Christ and seeing his robe overflow in the throne room. I often think about what it will be like to see Him face to face and to look into His beautiful eyes and to see such beauty and clarity in the color of His eyes.

Anonymous said...

Geared, that is such a wonderful scene to think about.


Dutch Treat said...

Geared- Helen: I have a song here at home called The Vision where someone has a dream about being transported to heaven. I'm not an emotional person per se; but that song almost moves me to tears every time I hear it. There is no way we can accurately put into words what that will be like; but I cant wait to find out.

DrWho said...

Martial Law coming to America.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
Yes, we have no idea, do we? But, we know it is going to be wonderful! And what's more....I think it will be very, very soon!!


DrNofog said...

Y'all might want to check this out since it goes hand in hand with resistant plagues and why they "can't find" cures:
CDC Chief Admits That Vaccines Cause Autism

Pay close attention to the point that if it is the same % of the population but "we are just becoming more aware of it", why can't we recall anyone with those symptoms back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s...???

Please keep in mind that Satan is a murderer, not just of the soul, but ANY WAY he can! -->poisoning our water, air, farm lands, GM & chemically depleted foods, and especially "deceiving the whole world with her pharmakai" [immune-compromising drugs]!!

Back in the early 70s a holistic dr gave us a book entitled "The Poisoned Needle" - Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations that showed study after study implicating the W.H.O. in starting different epidemics in 3rd world countries while allegedly vaccinating for polio as a means population control [eugenics --> Planned Parent started by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who is on record saying she regarded blacks and Mexicans as human weeds]...

All this only makes sense if you keep in mind that many of these people in the high, key positions of every country are dedicated disciples of, and give their 1st allegiance, **NOT** to any country, but to the "Brotherhood of Darkness, Order of Death, Illuminati", etc., ie. all key players in Mystery Babylon!

For those who have not yet taken the time to see The Connections between Islam and Catholicism, I know it's long, but worth gaining the understanding.

At its core, it is more than just Islam and Catholicism together, it is Mystery Babylon, the worship of Satan, the soon-coming "Deliverer", and Death as the means of "freeing" all of humanity from this sinful body and world.

That is why "they" are working towards, not away from, WW3, the Tribulation holocaust of a nuclear and biological [resistant, unstoppable plagues] Armageddon.

hartdawg said...

The title of today's post reminds me of the cry in revelation 6:9-10 they cry out with a loud voice HOW LONG....
nofog you left out apostate Christianity led by wrick warren with the merging of islam and Catholicism .

hartdawg said...

The unstoppable plagues brings to mind the pale horse and i think its the 3rd trumpet judgement when the waters become bitter

DrNofog said...

As much as I hope we'll be gone, I have this nagging suspicion that we'll be here to witness I17 and "they" can't have us intolerant Christians around saying: "See, I told you so!! Wanna see what the Word of God says is coming next if y'all don't repent?!?"

So of course, we'll get our "membership to Club Fed" papers handed to us in the middle of the night and we'll git a free ride to vacation spot at Camp Fee Ma...

...and Scott will say: "Boy, I saw all that coming a long ways off! Did you see it, Ally?"

Ally: "Oh yeah, I saw it coming. Did you see it coming too, DrNofog?"

DrNofog: "Yeah, I had this nagging suspicion fer a long time... Wonder how EI's gettin' along in her new accommodations..."

DrNofog said...

Sorry dawg, my bad...

Hey, my security word for that last post was "elimpope"...
wunder if that means someone's gonna "elim" da pope, since we keep bringing up the RCC...

DrNofog said...

4 those who caught the "nuclear" link, there were 4 more parts to that series on "Nuclear Weapons in the End Times" that Dr. David Reagan did over at LambLion a couple of yrs ago.

It's a very convincing parallel comparison of events in the Book of Revelation with what we know of nuclear war. I can't think of anything else that fits those descriptions.

Nuclear Weapons in the End Times

Nuclear Weapons in the Bible

Nuclear Weapons in Nature

Nuclear Weapons in Biblical Parallel

Nuclear Weapons in Wrath and Hope

DrWho said...

Dr. NoFog
I agree. We are promised to be spared from God's wrath and judgement, but not from persecution from the world or DHS.

hartdawg said...

Nofo....if u read zepheniah 2 it makes an allusion to the rapture, then AFTER that it mentions the psalm 83 war. or more accurately the destruction of those nations. we could be outta here before it all hits

hartdawg said...

Sorry i meant to say nofog not nofo. i hear many people say before the rapture God is gonna raise up a mighty army of young people who will preach the gospel and do many signs....that don't sound right.

Dylan said...

The whole thing about using vaccinations a population control gives me "2+2=5" thoughts. Same with Drnofog's talk about being imprisoned for showing people the obvious truth once I17 happens.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Dylan

For your sake – I am putting myself in the stocks!

Alternative ‘Medical’ Practice is subversive and is the mumbo jumbo of New Age philosophy practising pseudo-science that uses flawed, unrepeatable tests, fed by hype and inducing hysteria in the vulnerable. It is as much a subjective ‘religion/faith’, which, just like any other cult, is drawn from a doctrine of demons.

No offence intended.


DrNofog said...

Dylan, I've been at this for a very long time and these "Players" are on record time and time again tipping their hand as to what they are really up to...
Did you watch the whole CDC vid?
You can read the book online: "The Poisoned Needle", but that's from 1956. There's much more recent stuff.

And here's another elitist: The new Tuskegee experiment

The latest horror is a joint project of the British government, the U.S. government and population-reduction advocate Bill Gates. The victims in this experiment are black women in South Africa. Here's how it works...

Dylan said...

None taken EI, my point is the same as yours. Maybe I should've made my point clearer. But I totally agree with what you're saying. And I was using the "2+2=5" as a reference to 1984 where it says "freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows." what I'm saying is that Drnofog's thoughts of being imprisoned after I17 for speaking the truth makes me think of that quote.

Thanks for the info Drnofog.

Dylan said...

the links won't work on my browser

DrNofog said...

I thot I had posted that here before...

Dylan said "...the links won't work on my browser..."

Well that's a [O]bummer!

You have a cheap browser or is that a "feature" of the UK thot-cops??

DrNofog said...

CDC Chief Admits That Vaccines Cause Autism:

"The Poisoned Needle":

another elitist:

The new Tuskegee experiment

Islam and Catholicism:

Caver said...

A little surprised to see someone else familiar with the epidemics that seem to follow WHO around 3rd world countries as they "vaccinate" the locals.

Its been whispered for many years but documented as well as possible the last few. There is something awful sinister going on there.

Seems every direction you look a layer or two below the surface the evil starts oozing out. Far different world than many of us grew up in....and many of these folks / organizations started out to do good. Now, it seems everything in every direction is corrupted.

Lots of guesses what's going to come of us after Isiah guess is the gov. isn't going to need to do much to us...we're going to be hated for the obvious reasons....the spreader of the news that told of that kind of mass death....ya know, confusing the message and the messanger

Dylan said...

There we go doc. Except the video still won't load. Oh weLl

Alice said...

DrNo, thanks for that CDC link - I hadn't seen that one before.

ally said...

Enduring but not so patiently, unfortunately. I got ants in my pants and I want to dance...around the throne room of his truly! You guys know me well, don't you? I wonder if we will know each other at fee's ma's camp for the disgruntled Americans who love Jesus. LOL!!!! Frankly, I would like to be outta here NOW but I would be just as happy to have us all taken out of here while we are in the middle of morning prayer at the Kamp. How funny would that be? But they gotta catch me first. lol! really, I would like to run and hide but I think they guy upstairs has other plans for me. We will see.
Yep, as a medical professional and an astute observer of the evil ones operations, we ain't seen nothing yet. We are merely pesky Christians, most of us, without a clue to the POWER we really have through the BLOOD. It will be a steep learning curve for some. I try my best but I fall far far short of the Glory! But only for so much longer my friends.
Can you say translated? Can't wait for a pain free body!
Maranatha! Do a little dance and praise! I'm watching and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting! It can't be that much longer. I know that from prophecy for sure!
So much love and blessings through Christ Jesus!

Joe Agnello said...

I can't imagine it will be much longer Scott. As things continue getting darker, I just keep thinking of Revelation Chapter 5 - what an amazing thought that we could be in that scene any moment!

Thanks for your posting Scott. Maybe I'll see you soon!

Joe Agnello

gearedup2go said...

Dutch, worship music always boosts my faith in Him and puts me in a prayerful, reverent mode. I love listening to worship music when I am exploring nature and admiring His handiwork. I had a dream in which Christ was seated on the throne and I was in awe of his beautiful, bountiful robe.

Robin said...

The Greek ten year bond yield now exceeds the bond price. This next week is shaping up to be horrific in the markets and rather than report what's happening, the media, who's beholden to its advertising accounts, will stand by while unsuspecting people watch their 401Ks fall apart.

And now Iran says it will strike Turkey if Israel/US hits Iran?

Scott said...

Joe - nice to see you!
its been a while - hope all is well!

DrNofog said...

That's a Great video find "...concerning the young, Benjamin Netanyahu, aged 28..."

Very well spoken and confident in the debate, and a quick mind with the facts.

Anonymous said...

Testing ?

DrNofog said...

I wuz jest wondering, since I wuz feeling charitable and let you have a couple days off for Thanksgiving from my normal pestering...
[here it comes...]

From yer Command Chair view of yer server's HDD, aren't all of your articles saved individually as html files? And aren't they grouped in folders by months??

If you were to open your "My Computer" explorer window and change the "View" option from the MS default Icons or Thumbnails view to Details, you will now, in addition to seeing all the files by Name, have a column marked "Date Modified".

If you click on that column name, the most recently modified [by a post] will be at the top of the column [or bottom, depending on which way the little up/down arrow is pointing]...

[He sees where I'm going with this...] Now if you were to go to your 2009 folder... that odd back-post that EI responded to would be the only one with a 2011 date...

Only because you hate to see a brother suffering wif OCD...

Anonymous said...

First off i'm new here and would like to say thanks to Scott for taking the time to do this website (Wonderful job) ...A little of subject but does anyone know how much money the Rothchild family still makes ? There very secret so its hard to research them .(At one point about a hundred years ago they had half of the worlds wealth . Its just a theory but they could be the ones that save the planet from financial meltdown and in doing so rise incredibly fast to power and glory ? I read they have amassed 500 trillion (but with the internet numbers and facts seem to get misleading ...Another thing i've thought about it Bin Laden and his mysterious death at sea and eye wound ....Doesn't the beast rise from the sea with a heeled head wound? Last thing (Nostradamas said a guy named Mabus would be the third and final (bad guy) Could be Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the Palestinians who is trying quite hard to destroy and divide Jerusalem and Israel ? I'm not really that into Nostradamus (Prefer Bible Prophecy) Just some things i've had on my mind ...Take care God Bless ...Keep up the good work Scott :)

DrNofog said...

Welcome Anon! You could use "Testing" as good alias too... and that would make it a little easier for us to keep an eye on you...

Go "here" for a helpful hint on "how to".

This will save you a little time too for any of your future posts.

Nate said...

Oh good that worked , I'm not Anon , I'm Nate nice to meet you all :)

Nate said...

Hi Everyone i'm Nate and i'm an a Watchman :) ...I became extremely interested in Prophecy last year 2010 . In one days newscycle there were (I believe) 5 or 6 once in a decade events going on THAT day "Birth Pangs" jumped into my mind immediately .Then when you thought 2010 was a wild ride 2011 happened and whoa mamma was this a crazy year . It was Almostlike Gods hand slapping me in the face repeatedly saying WAKE UP i did :)

Dylan said...

Hey Nate! Welcome. I'm sure you'll enjoy the company here (including the doc's spellcheck) and we all look forward to your insight on biblical prophecy.

DrNofog said...

Oooo Anon-Testing!! [or is it Nate now] For a 'newbie' you'd like to start off by opening the biggest "can-o-worms" in the World!

The Rothschilds and the several other related banking families that make up the IBC [International Bankster Cartel] really don't bother to count "their" money at all, ever since they perfected the "Fractional Reserve" scam and "create" money out of thin air.

They own and control all the economies of the world and are funding every effort to create the NWO, so of course they're not going to stop the crisis that they have deliberately created towards that goal.

In no particular order:
"...this is an **economic/financial** "crisis" that the IBC has created..."

"...the Illuminati/IBC is 'telegraphing' their intentions...History---> 1929 Stock market crash..."

"...the Fed was NEVER created to help America, but rather, to control and destroy US..."

"...was commissioned and funded by Mr. Rothschild for a means of subverting..."

This is just what I could put my finger on at the time...

James N Tennessee said...

Hello everyone. I’m writing today to request that we, all of us who were led by the Holy Spirit to come to Scott’s blog to fellowship, to learn and to spread the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ imminent gathering up of His bride, to engage, support and fully participate in the ultimate act of obedience by fasting for 24 hours and praying/boldly asking for God’s discernment in these last days.

I would like us to fast starting Monday night 11/28 at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time just after dinner ending 24 hours later on 11/29 at 7:00 pm. For those that can, a water fast is good. The water fast can include coffee or juice in moderation. For those that have to eat please know that you can still fast by denying yourself something that won’t cause you any medical problems. Dr No that means you can fast be denying yourself access to spell check. LOL

If you can’t fast at all then just pray for those that are fasting.

After the fast, I would like us to share any discernment we received. Remember drawing close to God through fasting is sometimes just an act obedience that prepares us for something after the fast. Pay special attention to things immediately after the fast. Can't tell you how many times I finished a fast and then BOOM!

If you fasting then respond with an "I'm in".

James N Tennessee

DrWho said...

Dr. No,
Wow! Great info. You will get a very special FEMA camp :-)

I will be in the cell with a view of the parking lot.

Helen said...

Just testing the name thing. :)

Expected Imminently said...

Many years ago, my Mum's cousins had the family tree traced.

Via a direct blood line,i.e.the red stuff, not the green; I am related to the Rothchilds! Hehe!

Alice said...

Hi Nate, and welcome! It's so great to have you on board!

Just wanted to mention that in many instances in the Bible, "the sea" refers to the masses, or nations of people.

DrNo, have you ever read any books by Tom Horn? Just curious.

James, I will be praying for you during your fast!

GG said...

Hi Nate~

Nice to meet you! Welcome :)

James - I am willing and able at this point. My health has been bad but I don't foresee a problem. I would love to take advantage of this opportunity to see what the Lord reveals. He has been trying to reveal a few things lately and things have been foggy so this may be a great time to add clarity to my life. Thanks so much for the offer to join in.

God Bless!!


Caver said...

Hi Nate, welcome to the little group of Watchers here.

James, thank you for the offer and count me "in".

Scott said...

If Caver is in, I guess I'm in too :)

Thanks James - great idea.

Scott said...

DrNo - I'm not completely sure what you are asking above....Are you looking for certain comments from '09 or a certain post?

I think any of us can scroll back to any date in the past from the right-side column (?)

I can go to the edit function, and also look back, but I don't know what that would serve as opposed to using the blog to go back to the past

What are you after?

ann marie said...

I'm in.
blessings all, some very very tough times ahead and there are many enduring tough times now. But we have a comforter and someone who will carry us and walk with us in our daily trials and struggles.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. -Psalms 23:4
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. -Psalms 23:5
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. -Psalms 23:6

James N Nashville said...

Okay so fasting starting monday at 7:00 pm we have:

Caver, Scott, GG, Ann Marie and myself. Anyone else?

Praying for those fasting so far we have:


In preparation for this fast it's important to do the following before beginning:

1. As always be honest with yourself and really examine your relationship with Christ. Take your time between now and tomorrow. Focus on the word obedience and apply that to your walk with Christ since your last reconciliation. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you those times when you weren't obedient,write it down and then reconcile the list with the Father.

2. Pray about the fast itself and comitt two praying throughout the fast.

3. Ask God to reveal why He has brought us together here and what He wants us to do within this group and specifically what he wants us to do/know this upcoming week.

4. Keep your bible near you and when the Spirit moves you, try to picture a word and then go search it out in His word. God has moved me so many times in this way.

5. The most important part of fasting is when it starts to get tough, and it will, that you intensify your praise to Him. Sing to Him, thank Him for every blessing. Instead of asking for direction in a personal situation tell Him to choose the outcome and then abide in Him as He takes control.

6. Lastly remember He created everything. Aside from the wonders of the world, He created Love because He is Love in it's purest sense. Surely if He did that then why wouldn't He provide for us in the most meaningful mosting caring way in that He is Love? It just amazing to think of the love we choose to miss out on every single day.

Love all of you dearly!! God bless.

GG so good to see you post here.I have missed talking with you.

God bless Sis!!

DrNofog said...

Several days ago [21st?] someone named Harry posted a comment on a 2009 article on something[?] that caught EI's attention and she went after him and replied to it and in all the activity that day both of them slid off the Recent Comment panel losing the link.

I had asked: Do you have any way to track these odd back-posters that have scrolled off the 'Recent' panel, like EI's response to "what's-his-face" yesterday??

GG said "...I remember seeing you post yesterday to a Harry? I recall it was an old post from 2009.

I looked back this morning for you and I believe it's in the early part of January. I hope this helps. This stayed with me because I remember thinking how odd these post seem lately here..."

From our end, it would be next to impossible viewing every article one at a time, but at your end "all things are possible"... [if you use the "Date modified" column]

Kathleen said...

I'm in on the fast also.

James N Nashville said...

Kathleen: Great! Got you down.

Scott and all who post here:
I would love to hear how you prepare for fasting. Any results you could share would be great as well.

James N Nashville